Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Daily Mail repeats Websters liasons with Nick Griffin

Apparently, there is a letter from Martin Webster and published in the letters page of todays DAILY MAIL repeating his allegations that he had sexual dalliances with BNP leader Nick Griffin.

This letter makes the Daily Mail complicit in a possible libel case........if Mr.Griffin decides to take that route.

However, after hearing from many different sections of the BNP it transpires that Mr.Griffin has all but bankrupted the party financially, and the Ebanks case would seem to confirm that . So where will he get the funds to present a libel challenge ?

Maybe Nick Griffin will ring his friend Babs Amiel, the wife of Lord Conrad Black , who is himself in 'deep doo doo for very dodgy financial dealings. Babs Amiel is a very major conduit to the inner machinations of World Zionism.


Anonymous said...

Suing any national newspaper is a very bad idea. It’s also a very good way of becoming bankrupt. Also nationalist will never get a fair hearing in court.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin is engaged in a libel lawsuit against Steve Edwards, so I hear.

How can he afford it?

Anonymous said...

Maybee he will have to sell property in the Balkens that has been paid for with Trafalger Club donations!
If only the fools that have donated to the Trafalger club knew where their hard earned cash was going.

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