Thursday, August 03, 2006

WE are back !

After a space of a few years, the NorthWest Nationalists (NWN) are back in business. Once again we will take the struggle against those that would destroy the white nationalist movement in the UK. Once again characters like Nick Griffin will have the microscope placed over him and his actions. As with last time Griffin will not like it. Tough shite Nick !


Anonymous said...

How come you went away for a few years ? What happened to your website ?

NorthWestNationalists said...

Well anonymous, there were a couple of major reasons for us not continuing the NWN website.

The first one was, in those days the internet was more 'techy' so we had webmasters. Our webmaster defected to the Griffinite BNP has he wanted quick 'success'.

The second reason was the main reason. The site was sabotaged by Pete Rushton. Rushton had the passwords, which he would never give away for the webspace/domain.

The odd thing is he had the BNP domain name , which was sold to a guy in Bristol. If you put that NWN name into GOOGLE now you get a JEWISH website !

Work that one out. We used to trust Rushton, but since the election of a black EFP Blackburn Councillor SAMBO Johnson.

Graeme said...

Rushton is for Rushton; I sussed that out some years ago!

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