Thursday, August 03, 2006

Griffin book now banned by the BNP- read it here !

Click the below link to read Nick Griffins - WHO ARE THE MINDBENDERS ?

THE MINDBENDERS by Nick Griffin & Dr. Mark Deavin.

This booklet is what the BNP used to be, and what it stood for......................and it was political gadfly and financial opportunist Nick 'shlomo' Griffin, who wrote the thing. Since this booklet was published circa 1997, Griffin has got himself elected as THE dictator of the BNP .

Since 1999 there have been no elections for the BNP leadership.

There have been no national political rallies.
Griffin is behaving like Tony Blair !

Check the above link out, tell others just how Griffin has changed his ideology so quickly.

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Anonymous said...

I have got that booklet when it first came out.

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