Friday, August 04, 2006

How much more ruin can BNP members take ?

The 'fallout' from the decision by Nick Griffin, to allow Lee Barnes to publically support the stolen bandit State of Israel 100 %, is continuing. More and more activists are leaving the BNP. More and more of the 'new' BNP officials, who are not ideologically sound are coming out with errant nonsense. As an example; the current North West of England BNP Regional Official, David Joines, from that heartland of nationalism, the Wirral, said last weekend in Blackpool , that Asians and Blacks were welcome to attend BNP meetings. Apparently, the other BNP North West Regional official, Roy Goodwin is just as bad.Neither have been in the nationalist movement for any length of time.

Another Northern BNP Official, has very recently stated that racism is banned from BNP meetings .

This state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue.

Many older and experienced BNP activists have been 'hounded out of the party' ; now we know why don't we ?

There is a group , albeit fairly small at the moment, that wants to ensure that the BNP party Constitution be adhered to. This group, named the BNP Re-Form Group, wants the BNP to follow the policies that the party had in 1999 when Griffin became the 'Cuckoo in the nest' . They want the party to uphold the BNP Constitution. Griffin has driven a 'coach and horses' through the Party Constitution by allowing non-whites to hold membership, to stand for Office and to allow them to be Officials of the Party. This is unconstitutional. It is also wrong.

Opposition to the disaster that Griffin has allowed and encouraged to happen to the BNP, must be stepped up by us .

The answer is not to leave the struggle, but to fight on and regain the BNP. We owe it to the British people, to ourselves and families.............and we owe it to those that have gone before us like the late JOHN TYNDALL. It is only 12 months since the death of BNP founder John Tyndall, and look at the bloody mess that Griffin leads in the BNP.

Griffin must go and fast !


Graeme said...

If you need any help or advice, I'm more than willing to provide it.
As a BNP founder-member, I deplore the way the new leadership has betrayed everything that John Tyndall stood for!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Many thanks graeme.

We have a place for you , to help the struggle, in a meaningful and very important sense.

The struggle needs experience and intelligence. I am sure that we can provide that .

Thanks for your offer :-)

We want to help to provide a focus of genuine patriotic support, and indeed, to be a 'clarion call'.

Anyone else who wants to help regain the BNP from the multiracialists , then contact either; or

Anonymous said...

Pete barker is a decent nationalist, who saw through Griffin eventually, as a lot of people did and WASNT afraid to admit he was wrong, which puts him a head and shoulders above a few people.
However, If Pete needed any advice about nationalism (which he doesnt, his record speaks for itself) he hopefully wouldnt be asking Graeme for it as his record also speaks for itself in politics and civvy street, very poor to say the least.
Also Pete Barker was always most respectful to the ladies within and without nationalism, unlike graeme who really shouldnt be allowed near any females under the age of 200.

Anonymous said...

Too right, what an awful man he is.

freyja said...

Im here to help if i can!

Anonymous said...

Reforming the BNP will never work. Find an organisation that suits your ideology and work hard and it will prosper. The BNP is starting to struggle in the North West which will leave a vacuum for a racial nationalist organisation.

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