Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blackburn BNP Organiser sacked ?

Latest News is that Roy Goodwin has sacked the Blackburn BNP Organiser, Nick Holt.

We would like to ask why this has happened , is it yet another purge within the BNP ? Is it a personal attack on Nick Holt by Goodwin ?

Whatever it is, it does seem that Mr.Roy Goodwin has been attending the 'Nick Griffin school of Diplomacy' and 'Good Man management skills' as well as reading the book, 'How to win friends and influence people'.

There is such a thing as MORALE within a movement. Not that people such as Nick Griffin nor Roy Goodwin would understand that.

Perhaps Mr. Goodwin could ask Chris Jackson for some advice :- )


Anonymous said...

I would like to know is this sacking personal or is it that Nick Holt was not doing his job, if it was personal is there going to be a purge of North West Organisers that dont see eye to eye with Roy Goodwin.
my belief is that messers Goodwin & Joines would like to get rid of all racists within the party.

Anonymous said...

Nick refused to stand a candidate against Mark Cotterills EFP in the elections as he said, quite rightly, that it was pointless standing nationalist against nationalist which would spilt the vote and let labour in.
When Mark C was elected, Goodwin phoned Nick Holt up and told him to resign, Nick refused and told Goodwin if they wanted rid of him, they would have to sack him, and there you have it, another good organiser bites the dust on the orders of that raving little tinpot dictator in Welshpool.
Still it's the RWB this weekend so Griffo will get another chance to milk his "Goy-em" followers.....

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