Saturday, August 26, 2006

A message from the England First Party

We have looked at this post on Stormfront. The writer is Cllr Johnson of the England First Party , he is on the right in the picture.

We couldn't believe it !

Today, 05:25 AM
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To day is my birthday, i am an elected councillor and i spend most of my time being pc. As today is my birthday my present to me is letting my self say what i think.When did the crusades come to Britain? we are at war. The asians have come to my country to try and take over. I say enough is enough, no longer should we sit back and let these people dictate to us what we do in our country. If they do not like what we stand for then F..K off back to the S..T holes they came from. I say no to intergration. I say no to mixing races. I say no to the islamanisation of our country. We cant have a real civil war but we can fight them in the polling booth. In fact they shouldnt even have a vote. I would love to say that in the councill chamber. And just incase any red is reading this. If you want to publish this post make sure you get it right. COUNCILLOR MICHAEL JOHNSON ENGLAND FIRST PARTY. Happy birthday England it is a new dawn, Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Aah yes, words to inspire every stout-hearted Englishman!!

Anonymous said...

That pic tells a thousand words.

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