Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bring back the BNP Annual Rally

Nick Griffin has been the leader of the BNP since the Summer of 1999. That last Annual Rally held in the West Midlands, provided a record collection, and which was organised by the late Dave Bruce.That last Annual Rally occured, under the then leader of the BNP, John Tyndall. That record amount was in excess of £12,000 + as I recall. The RED/WHITE/BLUE Festival is good for families, but does not provide for the party faithful .

There have been no Annual Rally's under the leadership of Mr.Griffin.

The Annual Rally provided for debate on party policy, at present the members have no voice within the BNP. The BNP operates like an 'elected dictatorship'.

The 'Re-form Group' of the BNP, urges that a return to BNP Annual Rally's is a must do .


Anonymous said...

Becouse griffin makes money at the RWB and not the Anuall Rally.What ever is for sale at the RWB,griffin will be involved.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Are you saying that Nick Griffin has his hand in all the selling at the RWB, therefore he makes money ? Don't forget the collection at the last Annual Rally in 1999 was £12,500 + .

It sounds a bit 'crooked' to me !

Tacitus said...

I was speaking at length to JT about this some time ago and we agreed that a annual rally would not be in Griffin's interest.
There would be ample opportunity for disgruntled members to congregate to present a broad front of opposition. This, obviously, would not be tolerated and ergo, no AGM!

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was all because Griffin is a crap/boring speaker like BNP brain Eddy Butler! Butler is from Stockport and his speeches are an absolute cure for insomnia.

NorthWestNationalists said...

We think that Tacitus is right here. It would not have been anybodies ill luck to speak after John Tyndall.I have had that nightmare myself.

But we are talking about the leader of the BNP, so he should be able to follow JT.

I have said it before to Griffins face, and I will say it again. He is wrecking the party.

There is no way for any but Griffins say so in the BNP. It is a real fiefdom, a sham of democracy, a disgrace.

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