Wednesday, August 09, 2006

'No pain no gain' - inflation rate to rise : B of E

I think we can blame the rise in fuel oil here, for an 'across the board' rise in prices. Petrol prices here are £1 per litre/£5 per Gallon. Contrary to Lee 'Oi veh' Barnes LLB, DFC and bar's and Nick shlomo Griffin's rant from the bar room floor, the Israelis/jews are to blame for the de-stabilising of the Middle East ,yet again. This will mean even higher prices in the shops, then a further rise in interest rates . So mortgages will rise accordingly.

Good eh ?

We somehow disagree slightly with supporting Israel 100%.

However, this economic strife will raise excellent potential for the BNP and other genuine nationalists.

Hold onto your wallets folks !

Wednesday, 9 August 2006, 10:51 GMT 11:51 UK BBC

Bank hints at further rate rises

The Bank has raised its forecasts for economic growthThe Bank of England has hinted that UK rates may have to rise further in coming months in order to keep inflation on target at 2%.
In its quarterly inflation report, the Bank said inflation could rise as high as 2.7% without a rate rise.
But while the Bank said it had raised its expectations for economic growth, it warned that high energy bills still posed a risk.
The news comes a week after the Bank raised rates to 4.75% from 4.5%.
The Bank's governor, Mervyn King, said the Monetary Policy Committee had opted to raise rates "against a background of firm growth and limited spare capacity and with inflation likely to remain above target for some while".
"It [the MPC] remains ready to take whatever action might be necessary in the future," he added.
Further rises?

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