Friday, August 18, 2006

Sept-1980 Outside Walton jail - what no skinheads

Someone has started a thread on Stormfront about this blog. There have been a couple of cheap shots/lies aimed at me personally by Williamson and Shearer. Glass houses chaps, think about it !

Someone, I think I know who, has posted some pics of said demonstration. Someone mentioned about the lack of skinheads on the pics posted by Blueyonder. Common mythology is that we were all skinheads in those days. Even Nick Griffin has used this lie and that he got rid of all the skinheads when elected BNP leader. What tosh !

The below pic shows a part of the demo. We cannot even see one skinhead on it. Because the truth is, as now, there weren't hardly any skinheads in society. It's an 'urban myth' perpetrated by lazy individuals who instead use the 'stereotype' and usually used by marxist lefties. Griffin argued the same. Does that make Griffin a marxist ?



Anonymous said...

There are some arguments about Nick Griffin coming out with marxist cliches, particularly at the RWB when he is drunk.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave Jones is on there :-)

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