Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nick Griffin - jewish schmoozer

Many top journo's have made comment about Griffins antecedents, but only with suggestion. Christopher Hitchens, himself a jew, made comment in the SUNDAY EXPRESS that; "would it not be ironic if Nick was a jew". Nationalist legend JOHN TYNDALL did work to try and find out if Griffin had jewish parents. According to many, Pere Griffin looks decidedly jewish. Apparently, no-one with Edgar Griffins name was born in the UK either side of the SIX years that Pere Griffin was born. Also, Nick Griffin himself said, he did not know his own fathers birthday. E-mails I have seen about this. Griffin does not know his Dad's birthday.

We now know that Griffin has been hob-nobbing with 'BABS' Amiel, the wife of Lord Conrad Black, and top zionist.

Griffin should be 'strung up, and no mistake'.

It is also interesting that BNP security are more feared of British nationalists attacking Griffin, than the muslims who he perpetually condemns.

Griffins travels around the UK to BNP members, and officials homes/ info show that there is something not right within the Griffin home. There are a great many rumours of sexual perversion.


Anonymous said...

Mick Treacy:

Mr.Griffin and his wife stayed at my home on many occasions.

But on one occasion, the Griffins wer obvioiusly having sex. My daughter and wife heard this and were not impressed.

Please excuse me, I have to drive some pakis about in Oldham.

freyja said...

FFS mick how could he look at you the following morning ..who'd want to shag sowetta anyway!

He really takes the piss id have let stanley at him!

Tacitus said...

There are other rumours going round concerning younger members who stayed at the Griffin abode.
However, these cannot be aired at present due to a pending court case.

When the National Front and a handful of British Movement opposed a TUC march for multi racialism in Manchester city centre circa 1978 ...