Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bury BNP Organiser is yet another jew !

I am led to understand that the current BNP Bury organiser, in Lancashire, North West England, is a jew who goes by the name of a Mr.Purdey. Apparently, Purdey is another of these who should never be in any position of influence of power, in a British nationalist political party. More on this chap as I receive it.


Anonymous said...

Old nationalists like Elsie McBriar will be turning in their graves to see a f*ckin jew as a British nationalist leader in Bury.

Bury stands on the Manchester border for the jewish movement away from the Cheetham Hill jew centre.

NorthWestNationalists said...

The Bournemouth BNP Organiser, Mr.Barry Bennett is also a jew, as he will readily admit.

We have nothing too much against jews, provided they scrap all this master race rubbish and calling us GOYIM/cattle.

Jews by their own history, must never be allowed to have any influence within British nationalism.

That is the bottom line.

They must keep out of our politics.

freyja said...

Yeh and theres no such thing as a British jew, i wont even give the word jew a cap letter..

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