Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The prototype jewish US -neo - con : An Obituary

This guy was a leading policy maker under Margaret Thatcher. To understand the mad US neo-cons at the moment 'Google' Alfred Sherman. He was a communist but grew to developing so-called right wing ideology and policies.

Richard Perle and the other zionist jewish Neo-Cons in the USA, are but the next generation of 'Alfred Sherman'.

The Times

Sir Alfred ShermanNovember 10, 1919 - August 26, 2006

Political thinker who swung away from communism to become a leading adviser to Margaret Thatcher
ENFANT terrible and éminence grise of the Conservative Party in the mid and late 1970s, Alfred Sherman, a journalist, policy thinker and undeniable iconoclast, was a leading influence on Margaret Thatcher after she became party leader in 1975.
A former communist who had fought with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War, Sherman had, between his late twenties and late forties, undergone a spectacular ideological conversion from the far Left to the extreme Right. Thus transformed, his zeal and determination proved decisive in moving the Tories towards policies that would have seemed impossibly right wing in the immediate post-war period.

WE don't want any jewish neo-cons in the BNP. Have you got that Mr.Griffin !

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