Sunday, August 20, 2006

North West nationalists collecting rubbish now ?

Apparently, some berks down Tameside BNP are collecting rubbish strewn by the more degenerate members of our society.

What is this all about ?

We are not a social service . This business has cropped up before. In 1975, Liverpool NF wanted to take OAP's away on a coach trip . Martin Webster gave this idea short shrift.

We are a political party, not a social club, nor a registered charity.

Why should our members be asked to clear up garbage ? This will affect memberships. Our people are better than that.

It was good to see GED though on the pics. Ged has been involved since the mid 1970's.


NorthWestNationalists said...

You could not make this up !

Chadfield has been around for a great many years. He is a graduate for goodness sakes.He used to be a 'rake' and drive a sports car, a Triumph I believe, in the 1970's.

But here he is pushing for some rubbish bin within the BNP!

No wonder the BNP are failing in their potential.

"Richard Chadfield has found some very effective and cheap recycling bins for home composting. These will be on display(if they are delivered on time) with information leaflets -" we really do need to do everything we can to promote our 'green' issues - I really hope local organisers take up this offer and promote it in their local community groups , as well as their own members!"

Anonymous said...

It's called community politics for Christs sake. Also you shouldn't identify who is in the photograph. That was veery wrong!

Anonymous said...

I see that the BNP doesnt have any Asians & Blacks helping to clean up the mess, is this just a white thing or do they think whites are their cleaners !!!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Well anonymous, being as the main BNP website has Ged on another North West article - you had better complain to them as well hadn't you ?

Arthur of the Britons said...

In the 1930's Hitler had the same idea. In the summer the Hitler Youth were encouraged to help the more needy of their Aryan comrades all the way down the line to helping the farmer or paint a little old ladys fence. This is what white people do. You could argue, "we are not soldiers, so why should we fight?". Hitler set a standard regardless of class or self opinion, its called the white way.

Anonymous said...

But you cant get any extra leafletters or canvassers out at crucial election times can.

There were 3,000+ at the RWB. How many extra activists will these 3,000 turn into ? How many will help at election times ?

Now we have this silly stunt of clearing up rubbish. They must be being worked to death in Tameside. Taxes and local Council taxes pay for the collecting of rubbish.

We should be highlighting the issue, not helping useless Councils who cannot do the job they were elected to do.

arthur of the britons said...

Don't you think by doing the cleaning up it is sending the message out that we are paying taxes for these services yet we still need to clean the mess up ourselves? Do you understand politics?

Anonymous said...

Community politics is how our people won in Burnley, the public know our stance on race, we need to be being seen by the public working in the community.
Well done to Bev and the Tameside crew.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I hear that Burnley is not a bountiful with canvassers and leafleters when it comes to spreading the nationalist word. The same is true all over the Country.

If it's a pseudo-political/social event it's heaving, apparently.

The BNP has been de-politicised.

Anonymous said...

If Burnley isn't bountiful with activists why not go and help yourself?

NorthWestNationalists said...

But they had over 3,000+ BNP activists only last weekend in the Burnley . Why do they need little me ?

Osama Bin Liner said...

That idea is rubbish.

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