Friday, August 25, 2006

Gay coppers to 'mince' through Manchester

Just been reading about that young lad who was shot dead in Canning Town , London, and it appears the total 'cock- up' they, the Police, made yet again in a serious inquiry. They trotted out the usual 'Police being stretched' rubbish. They seem to have enough Police for Black Police marches and Gay parades.

It's only a couple of weeks ago that several hundred Black coppers marched through Moss Side, Manchester; then a few days later, the area erupted into a mass gunfight between rival black gangs using uzi machine guns.

Just what use are the Police these days ? They are making themselves a total 'laughing stock'.

The Police are only a fairly recent innovation, since the mid 19th.Century. We did OK without them for many thousands of years.

Thursday, 24th August 2006
Gay Pride police on parade

PRIDE: Parade.A RECORD number of police officers and staff will take part in the Manchester Pride gay parade at the weekend.

About 125 workers from Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Humberside, North Wales, Durham and Merseyside forces will march in the parade under the `Police with Pride' banner.
It is more than double the number that took part in the annual parade in 2005.
Assistant Chief Constable Rob Taylor, responsible for criminal justice and diversity at GMP, said: "I am really pleased that every year more and more police officers take part in the Manchester Pride parade."
The parade will take place in the city centre from 2pm on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

ooh err !

Anonymous said...

Mincing ? Yeh good one. Marching is too good for them, like real men.

When the National Front and a handful of British Movement opposed a TUC march for multi racialism in Manchester city centre circa 1977 ...