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Electronic Loose Cannon - 26th.December 2001

We have just been reading through some older e-mails and the content of this Webster bulletin bears a second glance. Remember this was written in 2001.
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Dear All,

Some weeks ago an 'ELC' subscriber asked for my opinion of the BBC TV 'Panorama' programme about the British National Party. Events prevented me from replying to him promptly. Having completed my reply, I thought it would be of interest to a wider audience, so I am sending it to the 'Electronic Loose Cannon' list prior to an issue of the next proper issue of the ELC.

I did not think the Panorama programme was a very good shot at "exposing" the BNP. The way to destroy a political party is to destroy it from the INSIDE, by making its membership and its wider constituency of supportership disillusioned with the competency and, above all, the political INTEGRITY and financial HONESTY of its leadership.

It would not take a sophisticated political scientist or behavioural scientist to know that attacks on the BNP's and its leadership's "extremist" background (especially vis-a-vis "anti-semitism") and references to past criminal convictions will not disillusion the party's current membership and supportership. Such stuff may well have horrified trendy-lefties and regular patrons of 'La Granita' minimalist restaurant in Islington . . . but those kind of people were not about to vote BNP anyway.

In view of the kind of people who are currently joining and voting for the BNP, the stuff which Panorama revealed (through the persona of a scowling politically-correct school-marm type who will have alienated every working class person who was ever sent to the Head Mistress for a scolding - or a caning) will, at worst, have caused a ripple of indifference and at best will have shored up support at a time when, within the broader nationalist movement, Griffin is coming under attack for selling out on fundamental Nationalist policies by:- accepting that a multi-racial society in Britain is "inevitable";- abandoning the concept of (where necessary) compulsory repatriation;- involving the BNP in the ancestral wars which Hindus, Sikha and Muslims have imported from the Indian sub-continent and which they are now fighting out in British streets;- pursuing a global anti-Muslim line which is but a step from the line currently pursued by Ariel Sharon's Israeli government and the Zionist-inspired "Anti-Terrorist Coalition" - nominally led by the globalists Bush and Blair. Sharon and his allies are the ultimate enemies of gentile nationalists nationalists of every land and race.

If the Panorama team were seriously concerned with smashing the BNP, they would have concentrated on such issues as:
1) Griffin's opportunist ideological choppings and changings which reveal him to be shallow, insincere and dishonest. This area was skimmed over superficially.
2) Griffin (and the Griffin family's) long past record of dodgy financial dealings and associations; which would re-enforce the (correct) perception of Griffin as a dishonest person. This area was ignored.
3) Griffin's dodgy current financial transactions - at least, those perpetrated since he became BNP Chairman, i.e.:
(a) the non-accounting of income from the 'American Friends of the BNP' - including his and Mark Cotterill's personal 'skims' from the top of the AFBNP deck;
(b) the non-production of audited accounts (as distinct from "presentations" prepared by his accountant father which the BNP Advisory Council are unable to comprehend);
(c) Griffin's wages (official and unofficial) and "expenses";
(d) members of the Griffin family on the BNP payroll;
(e) the renovation of the barn on Griffin's farm at the BNP's expense;
(f) the purchase of land "for the BNP" with BNP money adjacent to Griffin's farm which will be effectively in his ownership since he is "sole trustee" of BNP assets under the party's constitution;
(g) the way in which members of the "independent" BNP Remuneration Committee is told of the decisions "it has made" by means of e-mails from Griffin, which, due to his incompetence, do not always reach all of the committee's members (!);
(h) the transactions of "Affordable Cars" and other of Griffin's side-line commercial scams, such as his "how to become a successful businessman" hucksterism via a web site;
(i) acts of false accounting as part of a successful attempt to defraud the state benefits system.
Attention to all of these issues would have built on the perception of Griffin as a dishonest person. They were all ignored.

4) Griffin's hypocritical homophobic approach to homosexuality and bisexuality in the light of his own long record of involvement in just such activities. This crucial insight into Griffin's soul was ignored. If "humbug and hypocrite" in the area of sexual relations were to have been added to the information about his financial dishonesty, then a picture of Griffin would have emerged from which he would not recover WITHIN THE BNP, let alone with the public at large.

If I can see this - and I'm not a sophisticated political scientist or behavioural scientist - I'm damn sure the Panorama team, with its vast army of in-house and 'Searchlight' researchers, will know what's what. So why did they not go for the jugular?

When I compare the level of pulled-punches 'attacks' mounted on the BNP today with the endless vicious assaults mounted on the NF in the 1970s, then my nose tells me that something is up.

As I've mentioned in a bulletin to a different List, having now almost recovered a cycling accident I am now preparing a further 'Electronic Loose Cannon' and a printed 'Loose Cannon' which will explore all the above matters in greater detail. As ever, this information will be directed against Griffin, his 'Kitchen Cabinet' and his small inner-circle circle of corrupt asssociates - NOT against the BNP or the generality of its rank and file membership.

Happy New Year!

Martin Webster.

26th. December 2001

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