Monday, August 28, 2006

BNP Head Office using party funds fraudulently........................

We are receiving a fair few reports of this coming in from all over the Country. Of course, this has always been so, Nick Griffin started the money scams with his AFFORDABLE CARS venture using BNP party monies. He has never stopped ripping off the poor old BNP party members.

There will be more on this very soon..........................

*The BNP collection for the BOADICEA bus ?

*The BNP collecting for help to legally represent Nick Griffin and Mark Collett, when I understand, they both receive 'Legal Aid' for their Race case in Leeds.

*There is also some talk about a fund for Sharon Ebanks that was/is still being collected, due to having won/not won the Kingstanding, Birmingham ward in the recent elections. Ebanks has been left with a fairly hefty bill apparently.

*Another nationalist that was 'left in the lurch' was the popular Tess Culnane from London. She was left with a whopping bill of six figures, after a Court case battle , when she had stood in an election.

*There is still 'bad blood' from the very first RED/WHITE/BLUE Festival in Clitheroe. Apparently a bill for over £1,000 + was never paid to a local member and his hotel, in the town by Nick Griffin.

*Nick Griffin also has used many ruses in order to have his ever expanding farmhouse and family home built and renovated.

* The TRAFALGAR Club is another nice little earner/slush fund for the Griffin clan.

*I have a document by old Walter Carr who was the Hereford - Worcester BNP Organiser from 2000, mentioning all this. Things haven't changed under Mr. Griffin.

Being as Nick Griffin has been made a bankrupt on at least one occasion, he should never be allowed around the BNP funds

Important note : I also have a document that was passed onto me by some very senior BNP Burnley people a couple of years back. It is called BNP - Trouble up North : A COLLECTIVE ANALYSIS OF EVENTS IN SOME PARTS OF THE NORTH WEST SINCE MAY 2nd 2002. Amongst other things finance was a problem there even then.


Joe Owens said...

Griffin tryed to get me to invest £3500 in a free ads paper he wanted to set up.Mummy griifin,jackie griffin and baby griffin were all going to work on it.And soft joe was going to foot the bill.

This is when i started to see through griffin.He knows all this (and more) is going to come out in my book,that is why he's proscribed me.So all you yes men and creeps that follow griffin,don't think there is a place for you in the BNP when he griffin.

Cassie said...

What were the reasons he gave for proscribing you Joe? (Griffin is sooo fond of that word )
And even better, what were his reasons for NOT proscribing Lebomber?

Joe Owens said...

I have spoke to Brian Jackson solicitor in Liverpool and griffin and collett are on legal aid.100%

Joe Owens said...

Over my book coming out.The real reason is becouse he fears what may be in the book.And yes,why was not Lecomber proscribed?

cassie said...

Looking forward to the book anyway, good luck with it and best wishes.

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