Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No free speech in the BNP

The BNP members forum has been taken down.

It is giving the following message:

"Sorry, but due to new legislation which stifles legitimate free speech the official BNP Community Forum is unavailable at the moment. There exists urgent and robust discussion regarding the terms and conditions with all individuals; the volunteer Forum Moderators, and the Party leadership, who are essential for keeping this and other public BNP channels active and useful.Full functionality will be restored as soon as possible..."http://www.bnp-forum.co.uk/

This development seems to be connected with the recent coup d'etat by the Party's 'legal officer' Lee Barnes.

No, what it does mean is that the BNP under Nick Griffin will brook no dissent in the ranks. No thoughts of 'Lese majestie' are to be allowed ,or you will be expelled, ostracised , then smeared just as I still am by a very, very, small group of Griffins low-lifes in society.

It started from day one when Griffin took over in 1999. The websites were closed down; the North Westwebsite, East London , Oldham and Burnley. All where closed and the two 'closers' of these sites where Nick Griffin and Simon Darby.

They also banned John Tyndalls magazine SPEARHEAD from sale at BNP meetings.


Anonymous said...

A disgrace!
Sharon was doing a good job, why does Griffin now feel he has to bring in a non party member to moderate the Forum?
To post on the party forum you have to log all your membership details, Special branch or Searchlight would say thank you very much Mr Barnes.
Commando Grieve is on record as saying we will destroy the BNP, we already have people on the inside.
Indeed they do! DONT THEY LEE?

Anonymous said...

With reference to the sales of Spearhead at BNP meetings I was under the impression that Mr Tyndall withdrew his publication from display at the meetings due to the fact that on one occasion he didn’t get paid for the copies that were sold.

Insider said...

No, Griffin banned the sale of Spearhead in December 2002 because Tyndall had the audacity the question his decisions as chairman. In Oldham, Mick Treacy had an outstanding Spearhead bill which he refused to pay for some unknown reason (probably because he's an ultra-Griffinite).
Eventually Griffin proscribed Spearhead and then JT himself just one month before his death in July last year.

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