Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lee Barnes…Clown or evil influence?

By Julian Graeme

Over the past few weeks, there appears to have been more controversy over Lee Barnes than anyone else in the hierarchy of the BNP for a long time.

Many long-serving BNP members are seriously worried about his views and are questioning his right to air them on a public platform. Little wonder then, that Barnes is being criticized from all quarters.

Did I say ‘all quarters’?

Apparently not, as far as the leadership is concerned, because he is shown sitting next to Nick Griffin on the speakers’ platform at the recent RWB rally.

What then, is it about Barnes that alienates him from so many of his comrades? Let us have a closer look at what he said.

“The world may have forgotten March 19, 1988 when two British soldiers, corporals Derek Wood and David Howes were dragged from their car by a republican mob, beaten, and then taken to a remote area near Belfast's Milltown Cemetery and shot dead.”

Does Barnes remember the two British sergeants who were foully murdered and mutilated by a Jewish terrorist gang and hanged by piano-wire in an orange grove?

Another little gem by Barnes is this one…

“It is in our long term interests that Hezbollah are ground into dust by Israel.”

I’m sure we all know that it won’t be Jewish soldiers that will take the brunt. Sooner or later, they will approach the US and the UK for troops to “Defend democracy.”

Not so long ago, at a meeting, Barnes was saying that the BNP would be much better off if former supporters of the late John Tyndall were removed. As he was saying this, he was glaring at one of JT’s most ardent supporter and closest friend, Richard Edmonds!

Richard Edmonds worked long and hard for the BNP in the early days, and it is down to men like him that John was able to build up a new movement so very quickly.

Lee Barnes has, I’m sure, got his eye on the leadership of the BNP and would change it into a pseudo-Tory party if he had the opportunity. (Unless Griffin beats him to it!) At present, he is Director of the Legal Dept. Of the BNP. A very senior position indeed, yet he is not a paid-up member of the party.

Why is that?

One can only assume that he has either something to hide or that his so-called nationalist ideals are somewhat lacking. It is possible that he is embarrassed to be officially linked to the BNP and, at the drop of a hat, if challenged, could turn round and deny his commitment. Whatever the reason, it is surely a sign that he cannot be trusted.

In conclusion, anyone in nationalist circles who advocates support for the bandit state of Israel is, in my opinion, no nationalist and no patriot.

Julian Graeme.


Anonymous said...

Today, 06:43 PM #6
Bob DeMarais
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Re: Lee Barnes supporters club


Quote: SF UK
Originally Posted by BNP'er

The annual meeting of the Barnes Booster Club (BBC) is meeting in a telephone booth this year; that should assure you a ring-side seat.

Bob De Marais - USA

Anonymous said...

BNP'er is Mick Treacy, the one who said a few years ago that the first non white BNP member can have his membership card.

Treacy has even been banned from attending Oldham BNP meetings now.

Oh dear, how sad ,never mind.

Fitton Hill'ers said...

Treacy is a gobshite !

Anonymous said...

Why has he been banned? I thought he had been in the BNP for years!

Anonymous said...

I Think you might find that Mick Treacy left the Oldham BNP branch of his own accord and is not banned.

Anonymous said...

Then why was Treacy wingeing only this last week on Stormfront that he had not been invited by the new Committee to the next Oldham BNP meeting ?

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I think that this article will end up being posted on Stormfront!!!

Anonymous said...

Treacy is a wrong 'un thats why he is banned from Oldham BNP meetings.

Anonymous said...

Bob Marais is a Doctor no less, and he knew Dr William Pierce vey well.

So when educated folk all agree that Treacy is a wrong un and an idiot, should we not listen to them ?

Anonymous said...

Good article !

Anonymous said...

Well who is writing Treacy's book then, Searchlight ?

He lives within distance of Mike Luft so its possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey Treacy is crying again on SF.

I will tell my dad in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Treacy is also lying about my dad bottling it with him. Why does tracy tell lies ?

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