Sunday, August 20, 2006

Guess who just drove by ?

At 7.40 pm just, local convicted church bomber, nazi gun runner and all round 'fruitcake' 70 odd year old Ken Kelly has just driven slowly past my home.

He is still driving old bangers, this one is no different. The reg is N373 etc.

Kelly is well known for comitting acts of vandalism.

His mental state has been in question for many years, very recently he was sat with a small number of 'fellow BNPers' in a pub in Keighley. Kelly then proceeded to urinate on purpose on the floor, under the table, in the pub, drenching a more genuine BNP member. A lady was present at that table. I am told that lady, is or was, a BNP Councillor in that area.

Kelly is a member of Rochdale BNP branch, though heaven knows how they still allow him to attend. Kelly is the guy mentioned in the 'Guns to the Right' -World in Action TV programme. Ray Hill the Searchlight traitor also gives mention to Kelly in his book 'The Other face of Terror' and supplying guns.

Last weekend at the RED,WHITE & BLUE Festival, Kelly met with SouthCoastNationalist/VNN moderator and St Georges Cross on Stormfront, Pete Williamson, and discussed me at length.Williamson says so on VNN UK forums. Is that what they get up to at the RWB ? I thought it was more interesting than that.

Williamson is the guy who became Nick Griffins new 'flavour of the month', a few days before the RWB, Griffin met with Williamson in Brighton.

Williamson hates me with a passion.

I think he fancies me actually, he does live in Brighton you know !

If I get any vandalism then the Police will be knocking on Kelly's door, bet on it !


Anonymous said...

Not a good idea to put this kind of information online.
The dispute betwwen yourself and Kelly is personal and should be sorted out amongst yourselfs.

NorthWestNationalists said...

It's a very good idea to post this online as it is true ! If it's personal why are 'YOU' poking your nose in where it's not wanted ?

I want nothing to do with Kelly, I banned him from attending meetings many years ago for being a fruitcake.

But some seem to search him out to spread lies about me on the Internet;Treacy,Williamson,Shearer to name but three.

So it isn't personal just between me and Kelly is it ?

It is really a group of low intelligemce malcontents who happen to have nothing better to do in their boring lives.

Funny really, they all seem to support Nick Griffin.

ITK said...

What a knobhead bottle job from a old fella have to grass now wonder everyone thinks your a prick .
Tell you what treaten me like you did the Oldham guy and then it gets personal and you get what you been lookin for for the last ten years


NorthWestNationalists said...

Can anyone decipher this last post ?

I can't make head nor tale of it.

There have been one or two abusive posts this evening though.

I think I might keep some up to show the level of intelligence of some of these people.

But because I have a firm 'no bad language' policy on here, most will have to be deleted.

Some are very funny though ! :-)

Anonymous said...

ITK using the threats is in fact Allan Rhodes the fat gobshite from Oldham.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...