Friday, August 18, 2006

Help !

Can someone please send me the pics of the demonstration outside Walton Prison HM Liverpool 1980 please to They were posted by 'Blueyonder'.

As then, I find myself on the outside here. I have been banned SIX times from Stormfront. I have never used bad language, nor broken any rules.I was banned initially for supporting John Tyndall by JJT.

The moderators on Stormfront UK are rubbish, they have made sure that the Griffinites have won their arguments.

GODWINSON is a 'soft' intellectual. RED X KNIGHT is David Kerr who's claim to fame is being pictured with Rabbi Meyer Schiller, he is from that hotbed of white nationalism, Ulster .

The real poison emanates, and this guy has been the poisonous gatekeeper on Stormfront, JOHNJOYTREE/ Andy Robertson from Lewes, Sussex


Anonymous said...

JEWTREE is hated by us US nationalists.Why Black allows him to still be a mod must be down to money.He has allowed much abuse against Dr.Duke on Stormfront.

Anonymous said...

Is it a total coincidence that JJT and the mod SID/pete Williamson for VNN UK both live within about 5 miles from each other ? Neither has been a nationalist for 5 years between them.

I know that the nearest town Brighton is known for having many poofters. But is Brighton known for having loads of white nationalists ?

just interested.

Anonymous said...

jewtree is a ***** !

NorthWestNationalists said...

Pete/SID Williamson has admtted he met Griffin in Brighton the week before the RWB.

Why did Griffin go out of his way to meet this drunkard, who has been 'in the movement' measured in weeks, not years ?

I also believe that Williamson has had 'social pressure' placed on him , and it isn't to do with his wife. Due to his drunkenness social services were involved with his family.

It is also very interesting that VNN has come out in support of Williamson. VNN have a policy of NOT identifying fellow nationalists.

Williamson and VNN have allowed me to be identified, including the use of pics .

So that makes Alex Linder (who he ?) and VNN open to criticism.

They are hypocrites. They are also involved in UK politics.

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