Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Council taxes to rise to pay for immigrants !

This will sort the electorate out. Now we will see who is NOT racist . There will be a massive groundswell of support for our nationalist parties. One thing that is a determining factor to focus the 'hearts and minds' is to tax people on immigration. The Asians are extreme tightwads, they might vote for us in their thousands. But for heavens sake , NONE of them should be able to attend meetings, or become BNP members.

Council tax 'rises for migrants'

The LGA says official figures on migration are grossly inaccurateSharp council tax rises may be needed in the next few years to fund housing and education for immigrant families, says the Local Government Association.
The LGA, which represents local authorities in England and Wales, says rises of 6% on top of inflation-related increases may be needed in some places.
It says councils do not get enough cash to fund the services because official figures under estimate migrant levels.

Source: BBC

Are we able to capitalise on this gift ?

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Anonymous said...

The British people voted for this, Perhaps they should be taxed on it!
Lets see if this new tax wakes them up.

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