Thursday, August 24, 2006

Compulsory repatriation - bring it back ?

Todays news is full of information about Britains rising population and the reasons for this increase. Another 'voice', mentioned about the instability in our multi-racial country, and that we must therefore have an honest 'open debate' about it. Someone ought to tell this Government Minister 'we nationalists' have been talking about this issue for decades.

Someone ought to tell these 'talking heads' on television' that they are the one's who built this 'Frankenstein monster'; and the analogies to Mary Shelleys famous literary monster, are quite accurate in my opinion.

This inherent instability in the multi-racial country is also it's main weakness.

The BNP may also be behind the times quite soon, with public concern seemingly even more radical than the current BNP policy of 'voluntary' repatriation.

How steadfast is that voluntary policy under BNP leader Nick Griffin ?

Would he and the BNP revert back to the former compulsory repatriation ?

I strongly suspect not nowadays.

It was Griffin who spearheaded the campaign, to change the repatriation policy to change from compulsory to voluntary repatriation, in particular in his rather childish heading about 'Peter Pan' in an article he wrote at that time.

After all, the voluntary repatriation policy was only brought in as a 'temporary' policy change by then party leader John Tyndall in 1998, at an Advisory Council meeting in the West Midlands. I know, I was there.

I mentioned that many immigrants from the West Indies might be prepared to accept voluntary repatriation as their country is a veritable paradise. I would leg it over there in a jiffy myself, if I was paid to re-settle there.

The problem lies with the large populations from Pakistan and India, and countries like these. Their countries are absolute dirty dumps. I know people who were there in India in 1946, and have been recently. The country is still the same kind of mess. Some say, the only thing mystic about the East is where all the smell comes from. My own father said "you can smell India three days out at sea".

So these people will never go back to their ethnic homelands 'voluntarily'.

So what is to be done ?

I strongly suspect also, that there is a split in this policy even within our own movement. The vast majority supporting the compulsory option, and who live in the large urban connurbations. The more genteel tory types , upper classes if you like, and possible rural dwellers, may seek the seen to be, more 'repectable' option. Unfortunately, it is the controlled press/media that decides what is acceptable, what is respectable , what is fashionable. The media though, is no friend of ours.

This immigration issue is now writ large. Which is it to be ?


ITK said...

Constructive critisism about present policys of the BNP , I believe the BNP might be seen a weak if they dont bring back at least the option of compulsery repatriation very soon and could be out flanked by any new CONservertive leader who playes to the audience now a large number of our folk see repatriation as the only way to solve the nations problems .
If the re-form group wish to have any input more like this less of the personal attacks policys before ego's .

NorthWestNationalists said...

We think that this issue could well be Nick Griffins 'achilles heel'. We think he has sold his soul to the 'watering down' of policy, to emasculate the 'radical right' in this Country.

Will he support a possible return to 'compulsory repatriation' if it becomes necessary ?

Well ask him !

But don't hold your breath.