Friday, August 25, 2006

Keep your eyes on the ball !

While all the angst and 'finger pointing' is aimed at
Lee 'oi veh' Barnes, LLb, DFC and bar, at the moment, for his offensive zionist articles and posts ( though all supported by BNP leader Nick Griffin). Just where is our favourite hate figure, pre-eminence grise, Tony 'the bomber' Lecomber ?

Is Barnes in fact Lecomber himself, but now wearing a long wig ?

Certainly they both seem to hate their 'fellow British nationalists'.

But why does Nick Griffin continually pick total horrors as his 'number two' ?

Lecomber was supposed to have been sacked for his , shall we say, very bad discretion. But even though he has been sacked, he remains on the BNP payroll.

For those that don't know Mr.Lecomber, is the white one in the pic. The pic is a BNP Christmas London social from last year, I kid you not. They are choosing records to play for the happy BNP throng.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with everything about the BNP. But I must ask you why you find EVERYTHING about the BNP to be wrong?

NorthWestNationalists said...

Everything anonymous ? That is a rather sweeping statement.

I am opposed to allowing non-whites into the movement, and those who support that policy will receive my anger.

Those same people are attacking me on SF and VNN at the moment,in a number of threads, and by name, which is contrary to their own rules, are you so blind ?

And I am not allowed to answer my critics on those forums.

So I attack them on my forum.

Your supporting Tony Lecomber says rather a lot about you, on the other hand.

I know that Mr. Joe Owens sometimes views this blog. He might tell you about Mr.Lecombers recent indiscretion.

Do you not think it is wrong that Lecomber with his criminal convictions for bombing and assault, and the terms of imprisonment he served, should disallow him being a senior BNP member ? His fairly recent piece of indiscretion, is the 'tin hat' on it all.

Is it not just a bit dishonest of Nick Griffin to 'boot him out' of the BNP , but not boot him out really, at all ?

I support the people who are trying to take the BNP back to it's written Constitution.

I support anyone who supports that notion. The group that are doing that, are the BNP Re-form Group led by Chris Jackson and Mike Easter.

There are many others now doing the same.

The BNP should be for the British people - and no one else !

Anonymous said...

The BNP should be for the British people - and no one else !

Can't argue there.

When the National Front and a handful of British Movement opposed a TUC march for multi racialism in Manchester city centre circa 1977 ...