Monday, August 28, 2006

BNP Leadership challenge imminent ?

There seems to be an avalanche of talk about a leadership challenge within the nationalist community. We sincerely hope there is, and that 'we' true nationalists have a candidate. Any candidate that applies the BNP's written Constitution has our support.

Party members must be white European ethnic.

I helped Nick Griffin get elected in 1999. That is one of the biggest mistakes of my life !

Some names that are being mooted are;

Simon Darby - met him and don't support him, he will follow the Griffin trend

Doc Edwards or Russell or whatever other name he uses. That overcoat plus his drinking are a downside. Met him at Oldham, he was canned when he gave his speech !

Jonathan Bowdon - Never met this guy , but have watched his trail through all the 'reactionary Tory fringe' groups. At least one friend has described Bowden as a pompous windbag.

Bowdon and Eddy Butler and one or two others have been the planners behind the BNP's lurches away from nationalism and towards being a new tory 'gingergroup'. They have their own back room meetings to discuss 'THEIR' policies and decisions, away from the BNP rank and file.

So I hope that none of these 'wasters' are in contention. We need someone from the Re-form Group to stand for leadership.

Though it must be said, you will have to 'prize Griffin out of his job' with a bloody crowbar. He is like the Establishment politicians, they never resign over any gaffe or worse that they commit.

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