Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stormfront UK in meltdown - BNP leadership in shock

There is an eerie silence around. But the web is full of internet chatter, you can taste almost , the tension abounding.

The behaviour of Nick Griffin and his 'underlings' seems to have gone much too far this time, as he and they, were bound to do in their arrogance.

There have been a number of threads on Stormfront attacking Mr.Griffins 'best mate' of the moment, Lee Barnes. These threads have seen literally thousands of replies and hits, in the main, attacking the Griffin and Barnes positions.

The three UK moderators who are ALL BNP members, and ALL of the Griffin persuasion, have been noticeable by their absence of late. They have allowed rules to be broken left, right, and centre, on the board.

Personal attacks have been allowed.

They have only just started to lock and delete some of the main anti-Barnes/Griffin threads.

Today (Tuesday) there was talk of a 'ceasefire' by Barnes and Griffin on the Stormfront board.

I can say, that until the BNP get's rid of Nick Griffin and his cronies, this board will be having no 'ceasefire'.

Whilst we have never been a fan of Sharon Ebanks, the decisions to scrap the BNP Forum under it's previous format, and the disgusting way that Ms. Ebanks has been left with a very large legal bill, is, to put it bluntly, obscene.

BNP funds seem to be 'leaking through the floorboards', going heaven knows where.

Is the BNP now flat broke ? Monies were collected for Ms Ebanks, where has that gone ?

There seems to be no honesty in the party nowadays. The 'rank and file' are not allowed to question anything anymore. The BNP has become an elected dictatorship. Central policies have been discarded, so that members don't know what BNP policy is anymore on major issues like Immigration.

The members are seemingly just a 'milch-cow'.

There is talk of a challenge for the Leadership of the BNP against Nick Griffin. Without having any concrete information of that , this seems to be a major cry from BNP people that their frustrations are being seen in this manner. Maybe it is a cry of sheer desperation from Party members. Members wishes are not being heard. A return to the Annual BNP Party Rally must be brought back, so that members can debate party policy.

The fact that any leadership challenge must occur this way, is itself an indicator of the sham of a way the party now operates. That any challenge has to be made through secrecy, through stealth, as to 'show one's cards' too soon, there is the very real threat that the 'challenger' and their accomplices, would be expelled .

Twice, the late founder of the BNP, John Tyndall, found himself expelled from the party , by the current dictatorial clique. Something that must have contributed to Mr.Tyndalls death.

This forum supports the BNP RE-FORM GROUP , these people are the BNP's final hope of any real salvation.

We hope you will support them in ensuring the BNP supports it's own written Constitution. Mr. Griffin must abide by that Party Constitution like all other BNP members must do, and not disregard it, as he has done, so many times over the past few years.

Regardless of any forthcoming leadership challenge - the fight will go on to re-claim the BNP !


Anonymous said...

The only one who can salvage the BNP and rally everyone round is Richard Edmonds.

Anonymous said...

As much as i admire Richard unfortunatly he is not the saviour.
Young blood is what is needed and I would urge everybody to get behind Chris Jackson(apart from Barry).
Chris is one of the hardest working nationalists in the party, he is a nationalist through and through.

Anonymous said...

Like the Barry bit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tacitus said...

I will support any potential leader who demonstrates his dedication to real nationalism and promises to return the party to its former status of white nationalism!

Anonymous said...

Griffin has turned the BNP into a joke and all this supporting Loyalist flag protesters nonsense is rubbish and detracting from the real issues how about attacking the fifth column of queers and EDL neo-cons taking over your party Nick?

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