Saturday, August 05, 2006

BNP stalwart Chris Jackson banned from the party ?

This is only a rumour for now,but a strong one. I hear that the two 'herberts' that are the BNP's North West Regional officials, have placed a ban on ex-BNP Regional organiser, Chris Jackson, from attending party meetings. I hear that a BNP North West officials meeting was held in Blackpool last weekend. Apparently, some including Chris Jackson, were opposed to the drift towards multi-racialism within the party/region. The meeting was, by all accounts, a bit of a disaster due to dissent. Afterwards a directive was then passed down to not allow Jackson to attend future meetings. Chris was not even on the invited list for that meeting.

Both North West BNP Regional Officials David Joines and Roy Goodwin are not fit to wipe Jackson's shoes, as far as British nationalism is concerned.

I have seen this happen before, the central office promoting half-wits to denigrate and demoralise. In the early 1980's, the National Front (NF) promoted an honest guy called Brian 'Joe' Nylan to be North West NF Regional Organiser. Joe was honest, but NOT of the calibre of a Regional Official. Griffin was involved at that time too, at central office. The NF collapsed entirely.

I am sure that this is the plan today.

There have been far too many expulsions from the BNP of older nationalists, this must now cease. We older and wiser nationalists, are now to organise and fight back.

In 1999, just before Griffin got elected and hijacked the BNP, the North West(NW) was THE leader for the BNP.

The EURO elections of 1999 put the NW as the 'beacon of hope for British nationalism'.

The North West 'is a desert' now, after Griffin has knackered it all up.

The two 'diamonds' were Burnley and Oldham.

Oldham BNP is as 'low as a snakes bottom' as far as morale is concerned. Burnley BNP is just about treading water.


Anonymous said...

Burnley had Steve Smith a fine educated nationalist. Oldham had that thick arsehole Mick Treacy. Thats why Burnley got Councillors elected.

freyja said...

makes me sick how all the old guard put so much time and effort in to buiding the BNP and then they get thrown to one side as if ther useless, griffin is a betrayel to Nationalism itself and what it stands for!

Burnley was and still is in my eyes the backbone of the BNP there a tight nit group and thats how it should be, unfortunatly some of the councillors and mainly the shapcops bend over backwards for the jew lover griffin.

As for Chris Jackson he's a strong character and should and will i hope put through some proposals for the future of the BNP..the guy is extremely talented and will withiut any doubt go far in the future of Nationalism! he has tons of support and he's also well admired by many.

Anonymous said...

Jacko is the only man at the present time that should be running this region!
Unfortunatly because of a clash of personalities between Jacko & Griffin this will not happen.
Griffin prefers the Liberal attitude of Goodwin and his village people style moustache,
Get down to the Blackpool YMCA!

Anonymous said...

Your obsession with Jew hating is what stops you going anywhere.

Jews are just people, same as catholics, muslims and pagans, c of e. All of whom are mental for believing such nonsense.

It's the neo cons and bilderbuggerers that control the world not the jews

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