Sunday, March 09, 2008

Troubled leftie and 'lover of immigrants' - BBC DJ returns home

TORMENTED DJ Andy Kershaw gave the thumbs up to wellwishers as he touched down in Manchester.
(NWN: Wellwishers at Manchester Airport ? No bugger knows him ! Do you, dear reader, know him ?)

The is the first picture of the broadcaster has since he left the Isle of Man in a bid to tackle his personal problems – which the demons, which led to a 44-day jail sentence for breaching a restraining order preventing him from harassing his ex-partner.

The former Radio 1 DJ Kershaw was freed from jail last Friday, but by Monday had been arrested again for the same offence.

In court the high bailiff told him to go back to Rochdale with his mother, Eileen Kershaw, 73, and ‘sort his life out’.

As Kershaw , who has championed world music (NWN: Black african) in his radio career, flew in from Douglas he told photographers at Manchester Airport that he would spent a short time in his home town before going to London to stay with his sister.

Earlier this week, Eileen Kershaw’s husband of 10 years, Ronald Pickup said that Kershaw, 48, wanted to be near his children and was battling a ‘mental block’ about his split with their mother, Juliet Banner. She ended their 17-year relationship in 2006, before finding new love with a Glasgow prison officer.

The break-up, Mr Pickup said, left Kershaw plagued by drink and depression problems. He added that his family are keen to support his recovery and are ‘delighted’ to have him home.

Kershaw is thought to be in talks with the BBC about getting work. Mr Pickup said he expected the former Whistle Test presenter would return to the Isle of Man at some point as he was a ‘committed Manxman’.
NWN: Lancashire nationalists know all about the Kershaw family from Whitworth, near Rochdale. This toerag pushes blacks and black music at every step on the BBC.
His Mum, Eileen Kershaw has been a 'red' Labour Councillor for Whitworth for many a year. Maybe thats why he has finally done his nut ? His sister is Liz 'pigface' Kershaw, another talentless cretin who only got anywhere because they are labour party socialists !
We also now have the famous and yet another talentless Labour party socialist, the 'scouse git' off 'Till death us do part' Tony Booth, (the father of the ex-Prime Ministers wife) now living in Todmorden, and his wife is standing for Labour in Todmorden.
Booth married ex gangsters moll Pat Phoenix , Elsie Tanner off Coronation Street, on her death bed.
Kershaw says he is a committed Manxman too ? Tax exile more like !
Socialists ? I have shit em !
Lisa Stansfield , the chart topping singer ? Don't get me started on her !
Latest:17/3/08: Tony Booth was sited last week leafletting for Labour he looked at least 90, according to BNP leafletters

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ES said...

What about Lisa Stansfield? Is she a lefty? I alwys thought she looked a bit Jewish myself - `Stansfeld` maybe??

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