Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nick Griffin secret meeting filmed

We can see that Herr Griffin is not amused by recent BNP non victories in this secret video . BNP Advisory Council meetings have been scrapped and so, only Griffins chums get access.

But how many knew he behaved like this in private? (NWN:He does actually)

We know Griffin, but he kept his megalomania a big secret. Got to hand it to the reds, this is funny stuff about Nick Griffin !

Warning : The language is very strong.


Anonymous said...

yeh the NF have more fun and tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, a certain BNP member quit after hearing Griffin ranting like a fucking lunatic, and it sounded just like that. LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Is it not funny or perhaps it is not so funny That present day so called nationalists ridicule the nationalist period in Germany along with the words Nazi and fascist words thrown about like confetti in its rhetoric and language just like the mass media. But never once do I see any attack on the infamous communist regime that took power in 1917 and remained in power in the USSR up until 1979.
and then to liken griffin TO ADOLF HITLER, when griffin can not compare in any way to AH or any of his fellow nationalists, in fact griffin is more like JOSEPH STALIN and his henchman LAVRENTY BERIA head of the NKVD of the soviet empire who purged any one who they feared or who asked awkward questions with expulsion,and execution although griffin has not yet gone that far.allthough the article RE utube I am referring to was put up by lauaf but I would not expect anything better from such people.
Nationalists must stop using the language of the mass media and use the language and the system that they the media once championed communism when they new all along that this totalitarianism a systemthat kept people as slaves and in abject poverty, but communism was all ways to be exported and not for these lackeys to adopt for themselves. Communism was responsible for the murder of approximately 100 million people world wide according to the historians of this system.
John pilger was such an apologist but he realized communism never lived up to its ideals of freedom and he told us all eventually.
keith axon.

Anonymous said...

To liken Griffin to Hitler, is perfect. Both, were/are failures, and I'm just waiting for Griffin to commit suicide. Anyone got a Walther PPK 7.65mm and a spare bullet?

Anonymous said...

"Anyone got a Walther PPK 7.65mm and a spare bullet?"

Ask Simon Darby LMFAO

seventhvictim said...

I have heard seen Griffin + Darby attack communism but I have never heard them attack the regime that is most like the BNP leadership; that being Caligula's with a touch of Nero's thrown in

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked my video, dont forget I am anti everything on the racist far right (and left).
And yes I thin stalin wsa as eveil as hitler.

Mark -zaskar films.

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