Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stormfront and VNN are corrupt !

Stormfront and VNN - we have been telling you for years.
They are corrupt !

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Re: outing forum members
Originally Posted by vanguarduk
It all seems to stem from a long-standing working relationship. I know a couple of people who were BNP forum mods ... I'll check with them ... and post accordingly ... if this segment of the thread is still around later today. Chi sa?

I'm following up to say that the two ex-BNP forum mods have confirmed that the BNP has been fed Stormfront user handles and IP addresses for years. And the BNP has also been fed user handles and IP addresses from the VNN forum, by a former mod there. I'm not sure if there's anyone on VNN admin at the moment, doing the BNP's bidding. But there could be. As for this forum, I've taken all the information that I’ve been able to draw together, and passed it to the mods for their attention.

He is

This email address is JJTs employer ;

since he says that he works at a computer from home.

He has edited a book published by Wildside Press/Betancourt & Company, the book is Night Lands, an obscure sci-fi/horror title written by William Hodgson in the late 1800's.

John Lewis is a store that has recent public disdain due to MP's expenses from John Lewis stores.

Yet another 'state' link ?

This site has seen pics of negroes in Robertsons home in Lewes, Sussex.

JJT/AndyRobertson, Nick Griffin, Dave Howard, Tommy Williams, Pete Williamson and John Shearer; have all tried to get me sacked from my job over the last few years.

A few years back, JJT told Muadib/Wayne, to ban me from SF, for no other reason than I supported John Tyndall. Wayne told me this !

So JJT, here is some payback !

NWN: At long last, it seems that many are now finding out that these two yank sites are poison, for white British nationalists (probably for genuine US nationalists too). The above post from SF UK is just an example of what is going on now on Stormfront.


jack from rochdale said...

The former mod was pete sid williamson wasn't it ?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe JJT, is a RED. He's very misguided where the BNP, is concerned, but quite a few of us have been there.



Anonymous said...

"jack from rochdale said...
The former mod was pete sid williamson wasn't it ?

15 March 2008 02:56"

Yes, that's right. He used to give me IP's and email addresses.



Stuart said...

for years BNPers (or NG loyalists to be exact) threatened others, broke rules, and generally abused SF for their own ends.

Is SF really beyond their use now? Certainly Lee 'Barking Mad' Barnes's attack on 'Jack Black' seems to point to an unhappiness that those who are opposed to NG are getting the upper hand at last.

Are the BNP are throwing the rattle out of the pram that they've shaken so long and so loud?

It would seem so.

Anonymous said...

Very good (ie revealing) photos of JJT and his lesbian and racemixing friends chumming it up together have been posted on the internet many times.

JJT holds down a very well paid job at John Lewis. If he was genuine they would have booted him out years ago.

Anonymous said... - WHITE NATIONALISTS: What Does Don Black Do With All your Money?

Anonymous said...

Beyond this particular case: They are useless to any nationalist ideals, movement or future. They are simply venting boards for tools, trolls and the lowest common denominator type that the system uses as the 'normal fly over White'. They serve to both demoralize and demotivate people who might otherwise leave the computer, and DO ANYTHING in the real world that could be of use to themselves and their kind.
They are in all ways counter-productive and in fact need to be overcame for progress to be made.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...