Saturday, March 01, 2008

Prince Harry media scam

This site has nothing but the greatest respect for serving and ex-forces people, I am one myself , being an 'Ulster vet' from the early 1970's.

However, I saw the news story about the prince being withdrawn from Afghanistan due to the DRUDGE REPORT news-site.

The BBC national news showed the Drudge report header showing the pic of Prince Harry.

I use the Drudge report as my homepage, and I saw the header on the BBC on the 6pm news.

The Drudge Report at circa 4.30 pm did not show Prince Harry.

So just how fast is the BBC ?

We think it was a set-up !

Having said that ,we wish Prince Harry best wishes, and hope he and his Army comrades come back asap, and for God to watch over them in these unjust wars.


Anonymous said...

Prince Harry is BILDERBERG.

The whole thing is hype.

PTR said...

As soon as I heard this story I thought it was a propaganda setup.

This excellent observation re the Drudge Report confirms it!

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