Friday, March 14, 2008

Yorkshire anti-fascists 14.03.2008 15:00 Anti-racism Leeds Bradford Sheffield

No platform for the fascist BNP.

In the early hours of this morning (14-03-2008) several Leeds venues recently used for meetings of the fascist British National Party were attacked.
The BNP have used these venues on a number of occasions, and the venues were in full knowledge of whom they were hosting. The venues were: Ireland Wood Social Club, Leeds The Dog & Gun public house, Killingbeck, Leeds Woodkirk Valley Country Club, Tingley, Leeds
The attacks on the venues took the form of damage to property, comprising glued locks and the smashing of several windows with red paint being thrown inside.
The purpose of this action is to send a clear message that we will do all we can to prevent the fascist BNP spreading their racist poison within West Yorkshire, and will actively confront those who provide them with resources and/or attempt to turn a quick profit from assisting them. Nick Griffin and his shabby cohorts may wear suits and ties instead of blackshirts, but we are not fooled as to the true nature of the fascist BNP. Yorkshire antifascists

Yorkshire anti-fascists

NWN: Looks like a co-ordinated attempt to smash British nationalism in the UK. What with Griffin using the 'state' Courts and now the 'states' street thugs AFA .


Anonymous said...

Griffin has emasculated the BNP. The only security is for himself, against attacks by other BNP members.

There are a few BNP 'tough guys' who consistantly threaten other nationalists, but who are mostly a few internet nerks in Sheffield and Oldham.

They talk a good fight on the internet, but will they do anything positive ?

Tommy, Dave and Jock ?

NorthWestNationalists said...

Lancaster you agree with this style of terrorism ?

Anonymous said...

You also have to bear in mind, that UAF members are fed bullshit by their leaders, as are the BNP members. UAF simply won't accept that there are some very ordinary people in the BNP, and if one of them should get hurt, UAF will have to go underground because it will be banned for its violence.

the wol-uf said...

typical so called hard men. talk a good fight.

The BNP has not had real hard men since about 1999.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember the last prominent disruption of a BNP meeting was when Burnley, against Gri££in's wishes asked John Tyndall to be the speaker.

This is the State folks. No doubts many Reds believe their cause is just, just as many poorly informed Nationalists think Griffin is True.

Over a six year period when I was involved with the BNP, I've been to countless meetings with no problems whatsoever.One venue cancelled in three years of being a BNP official. The number of disruptions counted on the fingers of less than one hand - WHILE GRI££IN WAS SAFE !

This is a tactic to garner support for the State's Griffinite Safety Valve. Sadly it may work.

THINK ! who is pulling your strings - no matter what your ideology.

Violence doesn't work who ever you are because it can always set up a conflict situation where your are the DUPE !

NorthWestNationalists said...

This site has the only two pics taken at that meeting in Burnley.

This writer was host to JT at that meeting.

Pics had been banned by Griffin but JT argued with Steve Smith and so I was allowed to take two pictures from the rear of the meeting.

Pete Rushton was physically ejected from enetering that meeting by Sharon Pastou's husband.

BNP Oldham gobshite Mick Treacy phoned to say he would provide JT's security.

JT said his plans/security were safe, and they were.

A shameful episode !

Anonymous said...

The Reds and the press have done nothing to harm the BNP for a long time.

But now that this strange inactivty has been noticed, and now that the finger of suspicion is pointed at Gri££in and 5IMon Darby, they enagage in a little token activity.

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