Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Wednesday we at NWN predicted the media would boost Nick Griffin

Well here's one for starters in todays TIMES !!!

From The Times
March 31, 2008
Prepare for a shock BNP victory
Forget Ken vs Boris - the real action is on the far Right
Tim Hames

Proof if proof was needed that 'The State' has taken over the BNP and are now running it using Nick Griffin as their puppet..

There is no need for activists when the media give you decent publicity.


on Ikley moor baht 'at ! said...

Wheres zionist Labour MP Margaret Hodge ?

She will give them a hand again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, one has to ask why they're promoting a man of no principles, and a crook to boot.

Anonymous said...

Favourites of the day with the Masonic paper of record? Interesting, Nick...

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance this blog can start keeping a record of press on the BNP? Can it be stickied at the top? I'd like to see which papers give the most press to Griffin.

Anonymous said...

This article on its own is not evidence of an establishment plot to boost Nick Griffin.

The author is quite simply telling the truth, that is that the BNP has been getting over 10% of the vote in council elections and did very well in Goosehayes. Therefore the BNP has a good chance of getting over 6% in the London elections and thereby gaining seats.

The publishing of this truth highlights a dilemma for the anti BNP/nationalist media.

Ignoring the BNP has worked to suppress its growth in the past, but that no longer works.

So what to do?

Keep on ignoring the BNP and lose yet more credibility, so that when they criticise the BNP nobody believes them anymore?

Or try to keep some credibility by reporting what is obvious and going to come out anyway?

The problems of the BNP and its leader stem from the nature of the membership, us, not from others.

Until we face up to our own collective weaknesses, we will not succeed.

We must stop looking for outside scapegoats. "It is the fault of everybody else but me" will get us nowhere.

Bill Jax

on Ikley moor baht 'at ! said...

So the recent media support is just mere co-incidence BJ?

We had many 1,000s who voted BNP in the early 'noughties', in particular in areas such as Burnley and Oldham.

I don't remember THE TIMES "just reporting" a story then. That article in the Times is an advert.(In recent weeks we have had Simon Darby on BBC Newsnight slagging off the Enough group, and Griffin also on TV doing an interview or two. Coincidence ?)

In fact,in Oldham and Burnley the media went either silent or stated the nazi BNP, fascist BNP, baby eating BNP and so on.

The fifth estate are still a power in the land.

BJ, what will you be saying when the Griffin BNP gets even more media puffs in this run up to the GLA ?

Note: Burnley BNP won 8 Councillors using proper nationalism , not the pro-zionist and anti muslim tripe that Griffin exudes.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I think that Bill Jax is being naive in the extreme.

There is far too much circumstantial evidence of Griffin sidling up to zionist jews like Rabbi Meyer Schiller and Barbara Amiel.

Plus his acceptance of, not only jews within the BNP, but if news is correct using Mrs.Richardson as the 'token' jew on the GLA election leaflet and using her jewishness to promote the BNP.

Then there is the very clever way that the leading BNP contender just happens to break the racial basis of the 'movement'.

I personally know Nick Griffin and have done since the mid 1970's.

He is the biggest enemy(front for) that British nationalism has ever faced.

"Ye shall know them by their works" - and we KNOW Griffin by his works, his actions.

Anonymous said...

"This article ON ITS OWN is not evidence of an establishment plot to boost Nick Griffin."

Sure there may be an establishment plot to boost the BNP, but the article in question is pretty thin evidence for it.

Sure the media have been ignoring the BNP for decades, but the difference today is that the scale of immigration has reached a new that is having much greater impact than previously.

For example, immigration is playing havoc with local government finance, which in turn is having a direct effect on local taxation, which in turn now pressurises Gordon Brown to subsidise local government from central funds...just as he has spent the entire surplus and run up a huge government deficit.

These effects were not visited upon the governments of Thatcher and Major.

Is it a government plot that a Parliamentary committee has found that immigration has NOT benefited UK?

The problem cannot be ignored any longer, not even by Parliament, nor even by all the journalists, however much they might like to do so.

Where is the need for a government plot to back up Griffin?

Griffin has dealt effectively with every rebellion. He is not about to be ousted and therefore is not in need of a government plot to help him.

Even if Griffin was removed or left, would the establishment fear the BNP?

Where is the width and depth of leadership talent within the BNP that could take over from Griffin and truly threaten the establishment?

I believe that this is the true problem we face. If we really had that leadership talent, then people like Griffin would never have got into a position of authority.

Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

"Even if Griffin was removed or left, would the establishment fear the BNP?"

The establishment doesn't fear the BNP, because it is the BNP. I believe Griffin is there to destroy it. The people he chooses for positions of power, and those he surrounds himself with, well, look at them...

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax said

Where is the need for a government plot to back up Griffin?

I would tend to agree with Bill Jax here. The evidence for an establishment 'plot' to support Griffin is pretty thin. Before we can make sensible statements and ensure that we remain credible we must lead from the evidence - which is presently weak and inconclusive.

We must separate what is circumstantail ie the fact that sections of the media are reporting on the BNP and what the theory is ie an establishment plot. the fact is that the media are simply responding to changes in public perceptions and the movements of internal affairs. they can't ignore the BNP,whoever is at the helm. Public perceptions of immigration and the Islamic threat is self-evident. People are no longer trusting politiciams. No-one seems to represent the aberage Brit anymore. The whole political nature of the party system is affling apart. Now there is room for the BNP - and similar nationalist groups like England First etc.

I would also like to state that even if the establishment is supporting the BNP/Griffin this is not evidence of an establishment plot either. There are many factions operating within facets of the establsihment and no doubt factions support Griffin because he can be manipulated due to his conduct; that his hardline on dissidents has ensured that nationalism has been split and active nationalists have been expelled, resigned or are no longer active within the BNP due to disillusionment or protest against Griffin and his henchmen; or that his increasingly downplaying of the issue of mass immigration and the emphasis on playing to Zionism and Jewish interests in particular is of interest and use to other factions. Sometimes those factions' interests coincide and you will see a distinct movement of support or complicity. Witness the lack of action that has so far been taken against Griffin by the allegations of financial impropriety by the Electoral Commission. Incompetence or deliberate sabotage by the Commission of the investigation?

One must also remember that merely because the eatblishment sees the use of Griffin does not mean that Griffin himself is either aware of that backing, or indeed approves of it. He may be extermely critical of the establishment but where factions of the establishment's interests and Griffin's coincide you will find evidence of complicity, though not necessarily collusion. I am sure that Griffin and his henchmen are happy at some of their failings and alleged misdemeanours not being investigated or brought to justice, but that doesn't necessarily make Griffin an establishment agent or plant, simply that an establishment faction at that particular time sees the use of allowing Griffin to survive and increase his power as they may see Griffin's policies and ambitions of use to their own interests.

There is no need for an establishment plot or backup for Griffin but I think we can be pretty confident that the eay Griffin is going and acting may be viewed in a favourable light hy particular establsihment factions.

BNP members and all other white nationalists need to take responsibility and ensure that the destiny of the BNP and the nationalist struggle is not left in the hands of this one particular individual whose political ambition and behaviour haas on many occasions run counter to the ebst interests of white nationalism. Griffin's record speaks for itself. We were warned many times before. Some of us listened. Others are now paying the price for being lulled into a false sense of security and a "brave new nationalist world". The man is not invincible and indeed the emperor does not wear clothes.

Mr Potter

NorthWestNationalists said...

I actually think that Griffin is 'just around' to destroy and emasculate the radical right per se, not to gain power.

Certainly there is a raised valid point in the "where are the new vanguard of activists and officials?"

In my view, Griffin has followed the Cmdr.Grieve of Scotland Yards 1999 plan 100%. This plan was explicit in it's aim of destroying the BNP and others of that ilk in the UK.

Activities in the BNP were banned, unless they were in support of 'His Majesty' at Court proceedings.

Ideology has been 'tinkered with' to piss activists off.

Many, many nationalist idealogues were expelled and proscribed. Success was attacked for; example Burnley, Yorkshire, West Midlands.

The central tenet BNP ideology itself was attacked.

In a thorough way, the very thing that drives us, our ideology, has been attacked and obliterated by the acceptance of non-European officials and members into the party.

We have taken a heavy toll, and many have fallen by the wayside. This is not the first time that 'populism' has reared it's ugly head.

'Activism' has been substantially curbed, which will fail to attract younger members.Young people are idealistic by nature.

The AGM/Annual rally was gotten rid by Griffin, and replaced with the Red/white &Blue boozefest moneymaker. So that meant BNP politicos had no home to discuss party policies and meet others of a similar frame of mind.

The list is endless of the purposely run campaign to change the BNP into what it has now become.

A voice piece for the zionist anti-muslim World elite.

Anonymous said...

" Last Wednesday we at NWN predicted the media would boost Nick Griffin "

The recent media exposure of BNP London candidate and official Nick Erickson and his stupid misogynist rantings on his blog have to some extent put to bed this piece of speculation.

I agree with Northwest Nationalists to some degree and have a lot of sympathy for his views on the way Griffin has emasculated the BNP and its many activists, and diluted the ideology.

It is though a huge leap of faith to speculate that Griffin is acting in accordance with the John Grieve master plan to eradicate the BNP by deliberately sabotaging it.

Griffin is, of course, emasculating it but using the theory of Occam's Razor, that the simplest explnation is always the most likely, we must assume - until evidence to the contrary is available - that Griffin is bent on vanity and personal power and personal greed. That this ensures that he has to weaken active branches, good activists, and dilute the ideology and purpoase of the party to ensure that it attacts more votes. He is quite wiling to sacrifice 2/3s of the party to get rid of its dissidents and rivals (just loook at what he did in the NF) - this is to ensure a strong if small powerbase.

A populist ideology is useful to him as it tends to attract the wishy-washy ex-Tory/UKIP type who don't have enough commitment or ideological drive to oppose or challenge Griffin. Whereas the ideologically-driven are committed, driven and zealous and will fight tooth and nail to defend their principles and values.

Griffin is the ultimate nationalist chameleon, a man whose policies, values and methods have changed like the weather. He cannot be trusted. And his non-commitment to ideology ensures that he can make U-turns as and when he pleases, jettisoning those activists he formerly carried with him.

Griffin may not be an esatblishment agent or ploy, but his actions are- by consequence - certainly helping the establishment and conforming to some of the goals laid down by Grieve.

Mr Potter

Anonymous said...

You only seem to be happy when we are in the safe zone of failure. What a bunch of pricks you all are. Stay true to 'hard line ethos' and fail to win. Get success and it's suddenly a state conspiracy. UNBELIEVABLE!

NorthWestNationalists said...


the biggest success period was circa 2001-2003.

Burnley won 8 Councillors in total building all the way from 1998.

They used what you would call 'failure politics'.

Anonymous said...


the biggest success period was circa 2001-2003.

Burnley won 8 Councillors in total building all the way from 1998.

They used what you would call 'failure politics'.

Spot on Northwst Nationalist.

Since less than 6% of the BNP's expenditure is actually spent on campaigning work shouldn't Griffinites strat wondering why this is so, and what would happen in terms of activism and electoral success if Griffin stopped wasting money and diverted more of the BNP income on actual campaigning work?

This is a disgrace that BNP members should be shouting from the rooftops about. For a political party to be spending such a miniscule amount on campaigning is (a) a serious dereliction of political duty (b) hard to reconcile in equating the oh-so-wonderful Nick Griffin as being a @nationalist champion" who is carving out so much success for the BNP and (c) a bloody disgrace in allowing the brakes to be applied on BNP campaigning when so much is at stake for our country and people.

Still, Griffin's pension is being paid.

That's all that matters really isn't it?

Mr Potter

Anonymous said...

Anon said

You only seem to be happy when we are in the safe zone of failure. What a bunch of pricks you all are. Stay true to 'hard line ethos' and fail to win. Get success and it's suddenly a state conspiracy. UNBELIEVABLE!

I wouldn't call the recent lack of BNP electoral achievements "success".

The BNP had a good run in terms of local elections (and in some places with good teams of dedicated activists) has consistently done well) but the golden days have gone.

Success in the early 2000s was partly a consequence of the Asian riots and the Muslim terrorism and the work of good local and regional teams. Griffin's earlier successes was a consequence of external events, not necessarily due to his own personality or qualities.

Griffin has survived so far only because of (a) his iron grip on a party which has a profoundly fascist constitution (b) his psychopathic personality which ensures that any rivals or potential opponents are expelled, forced to resign or sidelined, and (c) the lack of anyone who can match Griffin in tersm of intelligence, charism and dedication.

Once the membership of the BNP becomes disillusioned by the overall lack of BNP success (and by now a nationalist party should have taken off and grown in membership and electoral gains) and once Griffin has been exposed to that membership as the con-man that he undoubtedly is, and once a quality leader has been found then Griffin's days are numbered and the BNP can then move on to the next new step of growth and success.

And not before time.

Mr Potter

Anonymous said...

BNP membership has crumbled. All of the good people who were responsible for previous successes have either left or gone inactive. The stench of corruption is everywhere. The leadership is now openly allied to the world's greatest anti-white and terrorist state (and that's when even the Left are waking up!).

Yeah. Great record of success, anon.

Anonymous said...

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