Friday, March 28, 2008

Nick Griffin, charged with destroying the BNP?

Nick Griffin, charged with destroying the BNP?
If one stops to look at the record of this man, from his introduction to the NF at the age of 15 by his father, to the various calamitous events thereafter, one is left wondering if Griffin has ever been a member of the ‘Cambridge Apostles’

His past, is in the public domain for those who can be bothered to read, and to remove their heads from their furthest nether region, but the recent BNP events are intriguing sauce to add to his almost cooked goose.

When faced with the BNP rebels, one must ask, why didn’t Griffin call them into his office, sit them down and discuss it? Why did he choose to lambaste them so publicly, and with such vitriol, and lies, that even Hedder Hopper would be green with envy. The important question is, WHY?

The rebels insistence that, Mr Ian Cobain, of the ‘GUARDIAN’ newspaper was allowed to abuse the membership list, and get away with it, whilst they are being taken to court should make us look at this situation more carefully. What did Cobain achieve that the rebels did not? And, that is very easy to answer, so easy in fact that certain sources are now citing ,Mr Cobain, as the BNP’s man in the press. No other paper gives more column inches to the BNP than the ‘GUARDIAN’ and below is a list of what, Mr Cobain’s actions brought them.

'Exclusive: inside the secret and sinister world of the BNP'

'Protesters rally against 'BNP ballerina',,1989177,00.html

'BNP ballerina dances through protest by anti-racists'

'BNP ballerina defies rising clamour to sack her'

'BNP ballerina' to wed fellow far-right activist'

Now, remind us again, who was it that tipped the press off about this?

"Iain Duncan Smith today insisted that if Tory members elected him party leader he would act decisively against any party members exhibiting extremist views.
But Edgar Griffin, sacked as vice-president of the Duncan Smith campaign team in Wales after links to the far right British National party were revealed, insisted that his "reasonable" views on immigration and repatriation were typical of Tory grassroots opinion. He was "absolutely shattered" at his sacking, which was based on a "misunderstanding".


NorthWestNationalists said...

I personally helped Mr.Griffin Senior to get through a gaggle of about 200 + reds at the 1979 Great Yarmouth NF AGM on Gt.Yarmouth pier.

A tiny bloke he is, and seemed a gentleman.

Now his son Nick , I despise, due to his poison since and banning me from the BNP.

I still have the 'thickos' at Oldham BNP giving it the 'big un' against me on various forums amongst others.

I believe that I was the very first to get expelled, under the new regime, as it was at that time.

Now I am proud of that, in fact, I have posted the letter I received from Tony 'Bomber' Lecomber on this very blog.

Check it out in the NWN archives.

Anonymous said...

If you scroll to the bottom of page 341 at this link. You will see Nicholas Griffin mentioned in the 'Cambridge Apostles'

The 'Cambridge Apostles' had amongst them M16, and the famous Cambridge Spies, Burgess, Philby etc

Anonymous said...

The Oldham idiots that included Mick Treacy, to the current gobshites John 'Jock the mong' Shearer and fatty Alan Rhodes have finally destroyed Oldham BNP.

Just check out this ;

Intelligence has been in short supply in Oldham BNP.

Maybe the EFP can change things slightly ?

ruff yed said...

Fatty Alan Rhodes/FYC was banned from footie matches and probably still is. He is middle aged now so he should grow up.

He and John Shearer have been giving it the big un for years on the web.

They have spouted enough and upset and threatened too many.

They have even outed other nationalists themselves and now they are complaining and crying.

Soft bastards !

Neither have done fuck all for the movement except balloon it to other nationalists.

Get back in the pub you two twats.

Anonymous said...

I thought BNP members were banned from posting on VNN? They obviously don't respect Griffins wishes. LMFAO

Didn't Shearer join the rebels just to be Griffins ears?

ruff yed said...

Oldham has been ruined by thick idiots including Mick Treacy and since.

Treacy was/is a thug and so are John 'The Mong/Jock' Shearer and Alan Rhodes. All have criminal convictions for dishonesty and violence.

None are known for their intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Who is sunwheel 88 ?

It is either the Rochdale Organiser or more likely gavin duncan.

Anonymous said...


both have only supported the one side.

It just happens that PB/NWN has been proved right

Duncan and Bryan have attacked NWN.

Anonymous said...

BNP members are banned from posting on Stormfront. VNN is off the scale.

Anonymous said...

Duncan is seen on a pic together with the filth of nationalism at a do in Oldham.

They were all there;

Tommy Williams, Dave Howard,Jock Shearer,Adrian Brookes, Alan Rhodes and Pete Williamson.

Anita Corbet was also there and Gavin Duncan is at the head of the table in the pic.

Duncan used to be a close mate of NWN and was the BNP webmaster.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...