Saturday, March 01, 2008

Veteran's Badge

I was awarded this vets badge a short while ago.

This is just to show that my detractors from the Griffin BNP including;
Fat drunken BPP leader Pete Williamson from Brighton, Tommy Williams, Sheffield, and especially the useless bus driver Dave Howard from Sheffield.
None of these have ever stood for election. None have ever been a real nationalist official. All are gobshites who threaten nationalists, but NOT the enemy. All give it the right arm !
If they had two braincells between them, we could rub them both together and make smoke !
Nick Griffin relies on these berks.


Anonymous said...

Well done pb.

Anonymous said...

Just a shame we dont know where this Howard and Williams work then we could turn the tables on those 2
I have looked at their blog and all it does is attack nationalists,they are scum.

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