Wednesday, March 05, 2008

5IMon Darby And Guns

"BNP 2nd In Command 5IMon Darby And Guns

A couple of years ago 5IMon Darby and myself were driving back from Coventry. It was either the Chris Green memorial event or a West Midlands meeting. I can't remember which. Darby was and is West Mids BNP Organiser as well as coming from no where to become Deputy Leader of the BNP. He would have been acting head of the party had Nick Griffin been convicted in 2005. (A win-win situation for Griffin).(Just a bit about myself. I was Black Country Organiser of the BNP from 2004 until 2007. Previously I had been fundholder from 2003 till 2004. The branch had put up a record number of candidates and in 2006 the BNP gained three councillors (including myself) in Sandwell. I lost my job in 2004 because I stood as a BNP candidate, locally in Gt Bridge and in the European Elections I was 2nd choice behind Darby. The branch including myself were active most Saturdays. As well as leafleting. We held demos, supported the West Bromwich St George's Day Parade and did Town Centre leafleting, went up to support Griffin in Leeds etc - We did lots of stuff. Darby was West Mids Organiser and so my 'line manager')While in the car he brought the subject of guns up. He said something like "You know its quite legal in this country to have 'black powder weapons', I'm thinking of getting one myself". A 'black power' weapon is an old fashioned firearm that requires the shooter to put black gun powder into a firearm before you put the shot. He was suggesting it could be a good defence weapon for an householder. I thought this a little curious coming from him - but I didn't really think about it till later.During the last couple of years Simon Darby became 5IMon Darby as far as I was concerned. I got the sense that on occasion he was acting as an agent provocateur. When the Sunday Mercury wrote an "Exclusive" on Sharon Ebanks, Darby told me where the journalist lived. (According to Sharon IT WAS DARBY WHO CONTACTED THE MERCURY AND GAVE THEM THE STORY). I think he wanted one of us to do something stupid. Darby also goaded me about a small, (in more ways than one,) Sandwell Councillor who has a special section (or his own personal wank page as I think of it) about my supposed political misdemeanors. Darby stopped short of suggesting violence, but his for a more volatile person than myself, violence could have been a possibility.Several months ago a friend of mine was discussing Darby. We were talking about the usual stuff about the accusations of him working for the State. He got worried about something. He told me when he had been round Darby's house, Darby had handed him a gun to hold. Subsequently, with what we now believe about Darby, my friend realised this might have been done to get fingerprints. I posted this on Stormfront under my then user name of 'Fraud Squad'. This post I believe was deleted.

NOW. I've been swapping notes with an Ex Regional Organiser about Darby. He brought up a friend of his HANDLING A WEAPON DARBY HAD HANDED HIM - also with the subsequent worry about this being a plot to get finger prints for "future use". I thought the Ex RO had seen my post on SF and was saying my reference was to someone he also knew. In fact IT WAS SOMEONE DIFFERENT. Here is the excerpt from the email the Ex BNP Regional Organiser:
"The 'hand-gun event' involved ***** *******. *****can be a little eccentric though I do not doubt his word for a minute. He was at Darby's home years ago when he was handed a real pistol by Darby and was encouraged to handle it. This sent alarm bells ringing for him. He suspected that he was being set-up and that Darby was after getting his fingerprints on the weapon. He declined the offer, made his excuses and left. If memory serves the hand gun was kept as part of an arsenal, under a floorboard in Darby's bedroom. (I can contact ******* and double check the details and see if he is willing to go public with the story). I know ******* very well as I put him up for months a my flat when he first moved to the ****** after *******. He is of course originally from Cannock . The attachment to your e-mail reminded me that Carmichael was obsessed with trying to get activists to go with him to visit prostitutes. ( Again, from ******). This also made folk suspicious at the time apparently."



Anonymous said...

it looks like Mr Darby and a leading member of the Black Country Branch,have some high
powered friends in the Mercury.

Anonymous said...

"it looks like Mr Darby and a leading member of the Black Country Branch,have some high
powered friends in the Mercury.

According to the BNP's, Advisory Council, it was, Griffin, that told Darby to do it. Sharon Ebanks had always been open and honest about her family history. Darby twisted it and used it against her, I guess that's what you get for putting Birmingham on the map. Never forget, the BNP, isn't there to win, it's just a safety valve, and Ebanks wanted to win.

Darby was given the same luxury treatment by the press when it came to Councillor Simon Smith. Smith stated openly to the press that he was resigning because of financial corruption. The press never printed it, they just printed Darby basically stating, Smith was an idiot. Since when did the press ever miss an opportunity to give the BNP bad publicity? A BNP councillor declaring financial corruption would have upset the apple cart in the, then, upcoming by-election, but the press are nice to Darby.

Anonymous said...

Dark times are here...
When the Mercury kills storys about a leading member of Simons old BRANCH... ,-)

dizzyfatplonka said...

This gun tale doing the rounds has remarkable similarity to an experience I had when I worked in security.
After having been outspoken about the illegal shooting of a family member and susbequent state cover up, to keep the privilaged from paying for their crimes. I was approached in this same fashion by a security manager who I know for a fact was a Freemason.

seventhvictim said...

I have always felt that Darby at the very least is a mason- it would explain how he manages to have friends and business contacts in both Labour and Lib Dems. not to mention the occasional journalist

Anonymous said...

I never trusted Darby back in the late 90s.the man had something about him (not cosher ,-)?
Darbys actions have taken the area back at least two years!
But Simon,its not all your work
Viele Feinde,Viele EHRE!

Sad but true !