Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Favourable publicity for BNP in run-up to elections ?
This site predicts that certain parts of the 'mass media' will give favourable bursts of publicity to the Griffin BNP in the very near future.
But we who have been in the struggle for any length of time will want to know why ?
Many in the movement, and the number is growing , now have very serious thoughts about just where the BNP is being led.
The Griffin nincompoops will just see the media changing as, "at last they are seeing sense" nonsense.
As the Bible tells us.........There are none so blind, as those that will not see !


Simon Smith said...


The BNP as a State Safety Valve operation needs to be kept going.

I believe the government/media complex may well throw dirt at local BNP folk to keep Nationalism "pruned back" - ie the genuine Nationalists - lookout for newspaper smears against grassroots BNP folk, but keep the Griffin/Darby assets well in place.

I think the Establishment may well be looking to replace Labour with the Tories (not that that will make any difference), so the BNP as a perceived "right" party may well suffer. I suspect that the Tories as part of the stringpullers strategy will start fronting a tougher image on immigration and just like in the late 70's, the people will fall for it.

The Tories can also then superficially appear anti EEC now that the damage has already been done !

tonydj said...

Isn't that Andy Sykes and Jason Gwynne in the photo?

Didn't they "misuse party membership lists?" THEY weren't taken to court.

' "There was a back-up team of producers "lurking around in vans" nearby whenever he was filming under cover.' SEE:-

AND:- "The corporation employed a private security firm, Rubicon International, to safeguard the homes of the BBC2 controller, Roly Keating, and the director of television, Jana Bennett"


"AEGIS Defence Services Ltd is pleased to announce that it has acquired Rubicon International Services Ltd with effect from 28 October 2005.

Rubicon's management and staff will join AEGIS' London office. John Davidson, Managing Director of Rubicon, will join the AEGIS board and assumes the appointment of Director of Operations."


Aegis is a London based, privately owned, British security and risk management company with overseas offices in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kenya, Nepal and the USA.

We have substantial experience and a world-wide client-base, including governments, international agencies and the multinational corporate sector. We are a registered and active UN contractor, a major security provider to the US government and security advisor to the Lloyds Joint War Risk Committee.

Sorry to go on at length but i think this shows what the BNP was facing when Sykes / Gwynne were having a go at us....AND THE LEADERSHIP SAID AND DID NOTHING! No report of the "Van loads of producers"...Yet poor old sadie, Kenny etc are dragged before the High Court

Nuff said

Anonymous said...

Three traitors to nationalism.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...