Monday, March 10, 2008

Subject: Jodrell Bank.

Our government is going to close down radio astronomy from this country to save £2.5 million.
I think the speaker probably gets more than that for his taxi money?

So if you agree vote on and lets see if we can make them see sense and not abandon Scientific excellence from the UK.


PS Tell all your friends quick. It might make a difference


Anonymous said...

And this government will spend
20 million pounds per day on being a member of a trading club called the EEC.
And allso many billions per year on the third world so they can breed.
keith axon

Anonymous said...

Closing Jodrell bank would leave the Americans as the only people in possession of a facility of this sort.

Blue Streak all over again.

Rebel said...

Closing this place will leave countless schoolboys without some naughty 'rhyming slang' with which to amuse themselves on their way to a school trip there...Or was that just me??

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