Saturday, March 01, 2008


Dear friend,

I am writing to you today, firstly to thank you for your past support and faith in the 'RafflesCo. Stormfront Predict-a-Tron'.

Thank you.

As you are aware, over the last year I have made startling scientific advancements in my shed on a shoestring budget.This progress has only been made possible because of the commitment, trust and generosity shown towards RafflesCo. by you and other patriots like you.

I wish to set out a vision for you of how smashing it would be if you all would send me dosh.

Unlike some, I am not after a new extension to the house or a Croatian farm (Although that would be nice). I merely need a bigger shed.

The lawnmower is getting in the way of my experiments and only last week I had to suspend work on the 'Seig Heil-a-Tron' prototype because I spilt a tin of creosote on the bench.It is no longer enough to show your support by wearing a tin-foil hat and passively recieving transmissons.

Just think, if I got my hands on some of that lovely lolly everything would change overnight.

Time is of the essence however.

In the latest glossy begging letter from Griffin Industries. (My main rival), there is a picture of the CEO of that company speaking into a device that looks suspiciously like my secret 'Rant-a-Matic' invention.

I believe that he is taunting me with this, this charlatan is stealing my ideas.

We must not loose the race for innovation, and that is why I am asking you all to pledge whatever you can afford, or can't afford, to this new fund-raising drive.

Please say ''Yes Raffles, I will send you whatever I have, including Luncheon Vouchers''.

I want you to know how much your support means to me and Lady Raffles personally.

NWN : This was nicked off SF UK forum. Looks like too many are fed up of begging letters from Nick Gri££in.


A Nick Griffin fan said...

I thought you might find this amusing.

Anonymous said...

Another marvellous scheme brought to you be Crooks and Conmen International Inc.

Anonymous said...

well they seem to have at least done something constructive with the last appeal money. The new unit looks impressive.

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