Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Airlift will bring 2,000 hand-picked Iraqis to new life in Britain

Sanctuary for those who worked for British forces ·

Fortnightly flights will start arriving next month

The government is preparing to airlift up to 2,000 Iraqis out of their country to begin a new life in the UK, the first time that Iraqis will arrive here with their status as refugees assured.

Those hand-picked to come to Britain include translators and other staff who have supported British forces in Iraq. The plan follows controversy last year about the government refusing many interpreters sanctuary in the UK despite the fact their work could put their lives in danger.

Documents seen by the Guardian show the Home Office and Ministry of Defence are working with Migrant Helpline, a charity which provides advice and support for refugees and asylum seekers, to help the Iraqis to settle.

The scheme is due to run over a seven-month period beginning in April, with fortnightly flights of up to 100 people.
"The [Iraqis] will be accommodated for two days in Slough prior to being transported to resettlement areas in the north or in Scotland," the documents state.

NWN: Why don't they resettle them around Windsor ,Epsom or even Hale Barns, the posh millionaire area near Manchester airport ?

Yet another 'benefit' of the illegal Blair Iraq war for the British people.

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tonydj said...

If it's so dangerous for them over in Iraq, what does it say about the level of success we have had so far in "winning" this war?

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