Saturday, March 08, 2008

The current BNP !

This is the current BNP !

Top pic Griffin and his 'friend', Mark Collett.

Second pic is Pete SID Williamson, (Saint George is cross) the bald one in the black leather coat.

Third pic is Tommy Williams, (shoving the dove) a ex drug dealer from Sheffield who has been paid by Nick Griffin to run the CUNT's interent group (yes, inter-rent ).

Fourth, is Dave Howard, ('Yorkshire Loyal' on Stormfront, 'The Truth at Last' on VNN) a ex(?)-football thug and bus driver, who was a so called big member of the thug group, the Sheffield 'Blades' crew.

Realistically folks.

Is it possible for this 'shower of shit' to run the Country ?

Come on get real !


Anonymous said...

yep I will vote for 'them' !


Anonymous said...

Hey, they will come round your house and kick the shite out of you, you know !

Anonymous said...

So it wasnt Jock Shearer who Pete Williamson pulled th knife on then ?

Anonymous said...

SID was on the same platform as Pete Rushton.

seventhvictim said...

Sadly, the truth of the matter is we are only a holding action until the real British people take over and rain fire down on the predatory immigrants and their champions.

Anonymous said...


Pete Williamson and Dave Howard dont like your post.

Mind you, who cares about those two 'benefits' to British nationalism ?

Neither have stood for the BNP have they ?

Anonymous said...

Is that Sid again?

He looks like something out of the Addams Family.

How can a dole scrounger afford the leather coat? Or are they cheaper in Orlando?

rumour has it that his kids run with gangs - selling drugs and pimping in Brighton.

I bet when the White Nationalist revolutoin comes, Sid will be given a really important job and title. He will finally have the power and recognition he craves - and force people to recognise how talented he actually is.

And no one, but NO ONE, will be able to question how he comes by his money!

Ah! What a happy day it will be for Sid - no more bumming drinks of his BPP mates or stealing their subscription money for the pints.

Anonymous said...

Whats Pete SID Williamson doing at Arsenal, who have a Black football team owned by a Jew. Is this the new Bpp policy. OR is SID FAKE as FUCK. Look at his Big Guts & Neck what a FAT CUNT.

FYC - Jocks best mate

Anonymous said...

Is Sid still with the BNP? I thought he was kicked out?

Doncasterboy said...

Who does this Howard bloke woirk for ?

I'll make sure to avoid his bus company next time I'm in Sheffield !!

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, the NF when it first started had suited business men, University graduates, and real thinkers. What the fuck happened? No one would vote for any party with people like this in it. Nationalism has been infiltrated by scum, all helped by the cunt, Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Who is the idiot in the long black coat? He looks like a reject from the Matrix LMAO

Anonymous said...

The idiot in the long black coat is Pete Williamson / SID.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The early NF had some very good people, and the prospect of many more.

But then it all went wrong. What happened?

Griffin happened, that's what. He seized control and filled it up with crooks and crazies.

ruff yed said...

shortarse jock shearer has been banned from BNP meetings.

due to attending the enough is enough meeting last week in Blackburn.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Williams secret stash of filth

Here is Clubfoot’s secret stash of filth, which even includes animal porn. What a fucking freak! This account was set up in 2006 so he cant say we have just set up to try and frame him. I no its his account as he used one of the pictures (the kitten one) as a avatar when he was a mod at C18 forum (posting as Sniper69).

Odinsgal had better keep her pets well clear of this pervert.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...