Thursday, March 13, 2008

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BNP Chairman Nick Griffin has issued High Court writs (returnable at Manchester High Court tomorrow, Friday 14th March) against Sadie Graham and her associates in the recent revolt against him.The cause of his action is the alleged abuse of the party's membership lists to circulate "factional" information to the party's membership.No doubt Griffin anticipates that Graham and Co will be terrified by the thought of a High Court action against them and will crumple.
My latest news is that Griffin's hopes are misplaced.Graham and her associates are to fight the action and have instructed London solicitors Sempik & Co.Solicitor Tessa Sempik is the wife of Richard Verrall, the former National Front administation officer and former editor of 'Spearhead' from 1976 to 1981. Richard Verrall is now a legal executive with the firm.Sempik & Co have instructed barrister Mr. Davies to represent the Defendants at the hearing In Manchester tomorrow and at subsequent hearings.
The revolt of Graham and her friends was fizzling out, and Griffin should have been content to let the rebels fade away, as they were in process of doing. Now he has brought this dispute into the High Court, there is no knowing where the matter will end.Griffin may seek to focus solely on the alleged use which Graham and her friends made of BNP membership lists. But issues in High Court actions tend to widen-out.
There are other connected issues which will be brought before the court, such as:
1. The unauthorised (and possibly illegal) entry by Griffin 'security' spooks into Graham's home and the removal of her computer.
2. The expulsion from the party of Graham and numerous other officials and members by means that are contrary to Common Law precepts of Natural Justice.
3. The management of BNP members' funds.This action by Griffin could prove to be an act of hubris.As the Ancients used to say: "Hubris precedes Nemesis".
More new will follow when I get it.
Martin Webster.
LATEST : STORMFRONTs and Nick Griffins favourite funder Andy Robertson/JOHNJOY TREEs bum explodes and he has closed a thread, amongst many others today, on this issue.
ANDY and the other idiot Griffinites. It won't go away you know, if you stick your head in the sand....


Anonymous said...


tonydj said...

"mis-use of membership lists....."

Like Andy Sykes / Yorkshire Trade Unions?

Like Ian Cobain / Guardian (Remember Simone Clark)?

Ignores Reds / Establishment media, sues medis!

'nuff said

Anonymous said...

Griffin is a CUNT, if he brings these ordinary decent people down, I'll go to the press and tell them all about Brighton.

Collett's bottom said...

Isn't it funny how AD is proscribed but still does Griffin's dirty work?

tonydj said...

oops! sorry!
Should be "Sues nationalists"

Ken Doe said...

"Griffin is a CUNT, if he brings these ordinary decent people down"

I seem to remember Sadie Graham and a few more of these "decent people" outing John Tyndall.

Incidently isn't it also their aim to out anti-semites and anyone with National Socialist tendancies? Lets not forget this erupted because they (SD,KS etc) didn't want to be associated with anti semites.

Technically its because Griffin WOULDN'T purge the "nazis" that all this started and by their own words its any nazi so Griffin, like him or not was not in the wrong. Now these people are openly declaring that they want all the things everyone claims Griffin was turning the BNP into. So while everyone is complaining that Griffin is dragging down the BNP these people openly agree with all the principles everyone accuses Griffin of.

Its not rocket science but I seem confused by the politics of this blog. The majority of posts are anti-semitic, the majority of posts are condemning Griffin for turning the BNP soft and yet Sadie Graham and her cronies profess that they will erradicate anti semitism from the BNP and anyone deemed to be a nazi and yet you praise them. May I suggest you consider your political views because if you are supporting the views of SG KS etc then your posts are hypocritical and meaningless.

Anonymous said...

The "Reds" are funny. I do a blog on Darby and guns and they do a blog on Darby shock gasp driving and taking a picture with a camera phone !

Controlled opposition or what !

Guess what. I'm a Sandwell councillor and have had zero media interest in my claim. Work it out !

Darby is Establishment filth.

Griffin is just an animal.

Anonymous said...

Griffin's gonna regret this bigtime. Who advised him, Bagel Barnes?

Something's going on because JJT moved his arse to close the SFB Bagel threads and shut down thsi news.

I'll give it to the Reds this week, they've stuck it up Bagel. Good pic of him here

Anonymous said...

"Controlled opposition or what !

Guess what. I'm a Sandwell councillor and have had zero media interest in my claim. Work it out !

Darby is Establishment filth."

We know

Final Conflict said...

what interesting times we live in!

Anonymous said...

What will this years elections bring Mr Darby...NOT MUCH!
saboteurs are bring our party to its knees!(treason)
its the 70s all over again ,-)
the leadership are a bunch of
habitual liars,sexual perverts
and spongers.
thats the facts!

combat signaller said...

Simon Darby was the only nationalist who used ZEN INTERNET in Rochdale.

LUAF use ZEN !

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