Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Letter from Germar Rudolf to Paul Grubach and New Address

Germar Rudolf
Schloss 1
D-72108 Rottenburg
Dear Friends,

I just received a letter from Germar, dated March 4, 2008. As you may know, Germar has been transferred from Mannheim prison to Rottenburg prison, and he appears to be in very good spirits.

I will give some direct quotes. Germar writes: "I've been relocated on my own request. I wanted to serve my time here all along, but there was no chance of getting transferred earlier because there was no legitimate reason, so the prison authorities [sic]. Well, that changed with an article in the local edition of a German tabloid in mid January, complaining about the fact that Ernst [Zundel] and I are together in the same prison, hence able to exchange our criminal thoughts. The head of Mannheim prison was quoted in the article as having said that they were already considering transferring one of us. So I took the chance and requested my transfer."

Germar continues: "My two German children live not too far away from here. My Ex refused to visit me in Mannheim and Heidelberg simply because of the distance. She has two small kids from her second husband and therefore no time to drive hours on end through the countryside to shuttle her two big kids to her dad. That's now a completely different matter, and I'll be seeing them in a fortnight."

Germar then discusses prison conditions: "I am currently in a two men cell together with an imbecile of an IQ of perhaps 80, optimistically speaking. He watches TV from breakfast to bedtime and drives me up the wall with that. I managed to get an hour nap time after lunch during which that evil brainwashing machine stays off. I try to read and learn my English words while the TV is running, but that's challenging, needless to say."

Germar speaks of his exercise routine at the new prison; "Jogging is out of the question in the tiny courtyard we have here, but I can go to the gym four times a week, and they do have a training bike in there. Today I rode it 50 minutes uninterruptedly, and that felt gooooood! I also keep up my exercises in the cell, although my cell mate gapes at me once in a while, and that's not encouraging either. I'll remain in this cell, probably for three months, after which I'm supposed to get relocated into a different building, most likely a more modern one with single cells and some more amenities as well as a more relaxed regimen--rumors have it. It depends on how I behave, but since it is somewhat unimaginable that I'd get in trouble here, it should be a fairly likely scenario."

Germar then finishes up: "The food here is better than in Mannheim, not necessarily more, but better: the bread is edible, we get more salads, fruits, milk products than in Mannheim, and I can also buy yogurt and quark. These are big plusses! The officials in here seem to be more social, polite, accessible than most officials in Mannheim, but as I said: I've been here only a week, so that can be not more than a preliminary judgment."

Paul GrubachGrub222@aol. com

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