Saturday, March 29, 2008



With the nominations for the GLA/Mayoral elections now closed (midday, 28th March), the National Front can release it's intentions.London National Front has decided to stand in 5 constituencies across London, which covers 13 London boroughs.
The 13 boroughs include 30 Parliamentary seats and 287 Council seats, at a total cost of £5,000, reaching out to over 2 million voters.
There were many things to take into account – whether to stand in or what part of the elections: Mayor/Top Up/Constituency, but the principal aim was quite rightly decided upon, that the promotion of the growth of the National Front in London was paramount.
It’s paramount to give National Front voters the chance to vote for us where we have branches/units/groups operating in London, and with the expected growth giving others the opportunity to follow.
The National Front is the premier nationalist party in its own right, with its own manifesto for hard oppressed Londoners, with many new and experienced activists working in the party.
So at the close of nominations, we therefore applaud the candidates selected to stand for the National Front in London on polling day 1st May 2008.

Our Heroes and Heroine

London Constituency Candidates

Tess Culnane - Lewisham and Greenwich

Paul Winnet - Bromley & Bexley

Andrew Cripps - South West

Ian Edward - Ealing and Hillingdon

Graham Kemp - City and East

You have one constituency vote, so please use it!!
We would also like to thank all of our members/supporters/activists who have helped with the party’s campaign and look forward to continued support during and after the elections and for donations received.
We applaud you.
The National Front as always Putting Britain First Since 1967.
Vote for London National Front on 1st May, 2008.

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