Sunday, March 02, 2008

BNP member helps out Black murderers and gangsters

BNP member helps out Black murderers and gangsters

Dave Howard said...
Nearly forgot Pete tell your police handlers you might have a wee problem with the black fella you put a contract out on. Pitty you didn't remove the post before it was screen shot hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
01 March 2008 16:50

This confirms the absolute scum that the BNP has now been reduced to.

Howard is obviously in contact with negro drug dealers and murderers.

Nick Griffin must be very proud of this, as he started the CUNTS group. At least Mr. Tom Williams seems now to have dropped all this stuff. He obviously has more sense than Howard.
Apparently, Howard has now started a thread on the Griffin Stormfront attacking me.
Being as I am banned from SF and VNN as both yank sites are run by fakes I cannot answer. Such cowards eh ?
The USA even though they have the second amendment are absolutely useless in our opinion. Our leaders are shite, but the yank's leaders are worse !
Also this site will NOT be sidelined by Nick Griffin's scumbags. We will put our 'big guns' against Griffin, not tossers like Dave Howard.


oldhamer said...

Seems that stupid arsehole Jock Shearer is giving it the big un again pb.

Anonymous said...

why is howard masked ?

Eileen said...

Why arent the press interested in this ?

I think your facists but I do believe in honesty.

Anonymous said...

Howard is issuing threats on SF and VNN against this site.

How old is he ?

He must be about 50 himself the stupid old bastard.

Anonymous said...

Meh !

Is the BNP a political party or a group of thugs ?

Anonymous said...

Dave Howard

i had a brother called chris
who died in a pool of his piss

poor old chris didn't get to the phone
and chris died all alone
without a phone
all alone
ha ha ha ha

just imagine dying all alone, just a worthless race mixing junkie

ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Dave Howard is so thick he doesnt understand that his name has gone out amongst the nationalist community worldwide.

He supports Nick Griffin !

He never had any name in the nationalist community so his fall should not be too bad.

Anonymous said...

Shearer and Howard.

Bugger me what a brain trust !

MB said...

Shearer is/was a drug dealer.

Anonymous said...

The face of the BNP !

Anonymous said...

shearer lives near oldham hospital. he is a short arse cunt.

JiB said...

Dave Howard, the middle-aged skinhead bus driver from Sheffield is the owner of the pro-Griffin, anti-nationalist heap of crap known as the Covert Tactics blog.

Anonymous said...

1, Why is Shearer giving it a big un ?
2, Why use the initials mb ?
3, why post where he lives ?
4, I dont like him he doesnt like me but can the shit heads trying to use my name on here just f*** o**.
Martin Brierley
Keep the faith

Anonymous said...

Dave Howard is a corrupt, psychotic thug but of absolutely no consequence to the nationalist movement.

Anonymous said...

I only care about the gimps trying to stir up shit by using my initials on here.

Martin Brierley
keep the faith

JiB said...

Anonymous said...
"Howard is issuing threats on SF and VNN against this site.

How old is he ?

He must be about 50 himself the stupid old bastard."

From what I can see from here Howard seems to be getting into a unstable frenzy what with his posting and PMs on Stormfront and his pathetic messages to this blog. Certainly got a lot of crap to post if ever we need to point our fingers at he silly bugger and have a good laugh in future.

But really, it’s embarrassing really ... and now it’s beginning to look like Tommy W. has decided to drop him and let him get on with it. Dave’s beginning to become an embarrassment all round, the silly overgrown lad.

Oh well, it's good for a chuckle I suppose *LOL*

NorthWestNationalists said...

Dave Howard has lied and is now trying to get away from the shit he has caused.

Howard is a thug, a gobshite,and a liar.

He bulls up Nick Griffin using the name 'Yorkshire Loyalist' on stormfront.

Howard has been around nationalism from the sidelines since the 1ate 1980's.

He is still on the sidelines, but this time he has Nick Griffins blessing, apparently.

Howard has never stood for the BNP or the NF before that.

Howard has never been a nationalist official.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where this howard bloke works? might be worth finding out.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...