Friday, March 14, 2008

Griffin seeking £50,000 + damages at High Court

This site is under an 'embargo' not to reveal certain information about this case.
We can say that Herr Gri££in wants £50,000, and to not only bankrupt the BNP rebels, but make them homeless !
Nick Griffin is the worst thing that has ever happened to Britain.
Listen to the crook here;


NorthWestNationalists said...

We have had the Romans.

The French.

The Germans.

The Spanish Armada.

The Normans.

But we have fought them all off.

This time the enemy is within our shores.

Nick Griffin could be the end of Britain. He is ruining the nationalist fight.

How does that sound Nick ?

Is money enough to quell your worried brow ?

Anonymous said...

Griffin is a greedy one eyed c*nt

Anonymous said...

Griffin has been working for the State at least since the 1980's, and possibly earlier.

Think about it. It was revealed a couple of years ago that the man who founded the German NPD after the war was working for MI6. They knew that there would be a resurgence at some point, so they wanted to be in cotnrol of it.

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