Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trotskyite journalist Tony Wilson dies
Oh dear.
Ex - Socialist Workers Party member , avid drug taker, journalist,bisexual and friend of the late Manchester gangster and fellow anti-fascist /IRA supporter, Dessie Noonan, has died in Christie cancer hospital, Manchester.
Wilson employed Manchester gangsters including the Noonans at his drug addled Hacienda club, which was subsequently closed down due to drugs and fights.


Anonymous said...

This guy supported the ANAL too.

Wonder why he is advertised now ?

dave said...

its always the scum who get the good publicity from the controlled media.

Anonymous said...

I posted this item on a football forum where they were praising Wilson to high heaven, and I have come under heavy attack with the posters declaring it is all bollocks, suggesting I do a Google search for Wilson and see nothing but good stuff about him. Also they are asking if I can provide evidence of the allegations. Well, I cant as I never even heard of the guy until he died! Is there anyone here who can give me the lowdown, please, remembering that any info will require to be substantiated. Thank you.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I was the agent for the Rochdale NF GE candidiate in 1979. Wilson was the reporter for Granada when they did a look at Rochdale Constituency.

Wilson was a member of the SWP then, and I advised Jim Merrick the NF candidate to confront Wilson with it, if he used any funny business using the camera and spouting the 'you extremist' BS.

(In 1977 many 'journos' signed a petition supporting the ANAL in and around Manchester. Wilson was heavily involved in this petition.

As far as I know only ONE journo around Manchester refused to sign it and he was called John Munday. Munday hardly worked after that.)

More filming was also done when local artist Walter Kershaw just happened to be walking past.The interview lasted about an hour, but less than 4 minutes was shown on Granada news.

Wilson never hid the fact he had had gay relationships and used drugs. Wilson died of liver cancer which 'abusers' ultimately suffer.

Wilson owned the Hacienda and the Noonans were on the door during the so-called madchester era. The Noonans as well as being pro-IRA/Sinn Fein were involved with Anti fascist Action and ANAL. They also were involved in the drug supply there.

Check out the Manchester Evening News website and read some of the remarks about Wilson quite a few refer to his leftie politics.

Anonymous said...

So it's him who died? Scumball.

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