Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The predominanntly Jewish neoconservatives have two plans to remain in power in Washington.
Plan A involves getting a Republican elected who's in their pocket and the pocket of the Israel lobby.
Plan B involves getting a Democrat elected who's in their pocket and the pocket of the Israel lobby.
The neocons already have their Democrat lined up in Hillary Clinton, whose lips are so firmly pressed to AIPAC's ass that you couldn't cut them loose with an acetylene torch.
But there is still some difficulty, apparently, in getting all the GOP candidates properly corralled.
According to the Washington Times, "Most Americans disapprove of the Iraq war and of exporting democracy by force, yet neoconservative proponents of those policies advise the leading Republican presidential hopefuls. 'There is an overwhelming presence of neoconservatives and absence of traditional conservatives that I don't know what to make of,' said Richard V. Allen, former Reagan White House national security adviser."
Traditional conservatives are also known as paleoconservatives or paleocons, and the term is used to refer to non-Jewish conservatives who do not fall on their knees and scream hosannas in the highest at the very name of Israel.
The Washington Times goes on: "Advisers to Sen. John McCain of Arizona include [Jew] Robert Kagan, co-founder of the neoconservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC), while former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's policy team includes [Jew] Norman Podhoretz, a founder of the neoconservative movement, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney gets advice from [Jew] Dan Senor, who counseled [tub-thumping Late Great Planet Earther] L. Paul Bremer III, the Coalition Provisional Authority administrator in Iraq.
Critics say neoconservatism casts American foreign policy as a new and benevolent form of imperialism, and conflicts with the traditional conservative, who prefers U.S. military power be reserved for defending against direct threats to America's vital interests."
McCain and Giuliani are the Republican front runners; most Americans would be hard pressed even to name any of the other eight or ten candidates, except for Fred Thompson, whom people know not as Fred Thompson but as District Attorney Arthur Branch from the Law and Order television series.However, a number of Republicans are apparently insufficiently under the thumb of the neocons, and they are now being subjected to censorship, smears, "Swift Boating," or being just plain ignored by the media.
Representative Ron Paul from Texas is being slimed left, right, and center by the Establishment media, and a move is afoot to ban Paul from all future debates because of some unkind remarks he made about American foreign policy which cut a little too close to the Israel bone.
Many other Republican candidates are simply NOT GETTING ANY PUBLICITY, notably Chris Dodd, Tom Tancredo, and Bill Richardson. Tancredo had to recently call a press conference and advocate nuking Mecca, simply to get his name in the paper for once. Richardson, half-Mexican or not, is probably the best qualified individual to be President out of this whole motley crew of Republicans and Democrats, because he at least has DONE THINGS, conducted sensitive diplomatic missions for the State Department, run an entire U. S. government department, run an American state as governor, and (so far) avoided the kind of banana peels of bizarre and dysfunctional scandal which pervade American political life these days.
But how many people even know he's running?
Many wealthy Republicans still support the war, because they are doing well out of it.
Those who are associated with the Dick Cheney/Halliburton cabal within the GOP have grown fat and super-wealthy off defense contracts, many of them to factories using illegal alien labor in order to raise profit margins even higher.
I still think the Republican nominee will be John McCain, because it's his turn. But I could be wrong. It could be that when the country club Republican set finally realizes that both McCain and Giuliani are hopeless, they will coalesce around Fred Thompson, and Americans will then be in the incredibly bizarre position of being asked to vote not just for an actor, as with Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sonny Bono, but for a fictional character since most Americans don't knew Fred Thompson from Adam's house cat, but they DO know fictional D. A. Arthur Branch.
Unreal, man. Unreal.

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