Thursday, August 09, 2007

Forthcoming Nationalist Beach BBQ - Malaga, Spain

This is being organised by our Spanish nationalist comrades for the month of August.
Any UK nationalists who are already in the Costa del Sol , or who are about to fly there, and who wish to attend, can contact us here at NorthWestNationalists(NWN) to attend this function.
Arriba Espana !


Anonymous said...

Well it certainly looks better than a field in Derbyshire and being as it is on the beach it will no doubt be free apart from the food and booze. Or it should be . Can NWN confirm that is so ?

I have heard that quite a few BNPers had problems with the RWB event.

Big Jim Burn went off on one with BNP security and got excluded. Serves the idiot right he loves Griffin though he goes to spain every year but gets so drunk he has never been on a demonstration.

I heard another manchester group a family were refused family status.

So they had to come home as well being as they could not afford the 3 adult charge.

The RWB sound ok but it is getting too expensive.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Hello anon,

I believe that it is 20 euros to attend the Spanish regional gathering in Malaga,Andalucia, next weekend.

I am only sorry I cannot make it !

Boo hoo !

No doubt our Spanish comrades will be having many more functions in the future.

All British nationalists are welcome in this British - Spanish linkage.

God save the Queen & Arriba Espana !

jose antonio said...

The 20 euros includes the cost of booze and food !
A bargain.

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