Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tarred, feathered and tied to a lamppost: Justice for a drug dealer on the streets of Ulster
Tied to a lamppost, he stands with his head and upper body covered in tar and feathers. A makeshift placard hung around his neck with a piece of string announces the reason for his treatment.
It is a very public humiliation, and a medieval one. Almost ten years since Northern Ireland's Troubles officially ended, this remains the crude face of justice on the streets of south Belfast.
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The man is forced to carry a sign detailing his alleged crime

This man was subjected to the painful tarring and feathering on the Taughmonagh estate, a loyalist stronghold in the city.

Locals had accused the victim, who is in his thirties, of being a drug dealer. And when police allegedly did not act, they took the law into their own hands.

Two masked men tied up the accused victim, poured tar over his head and then covered him in white feathers, apparently from a pillow case.

A small crowd including women and children looked on as the men then adorned their victim with a placard reading: "I'm a drug dealing scumbag".
Pictures of the punishment were sent to a local newspaper.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, he was a "rival" drug dealer as the UDA would never do this to their own.

Anonymous said...

Let this comments section be a lesson to all kids out there........DONT DO DRUGS!!!

12:42 PM

NWN; post moved to this section

dizzyfatplonka said...

In my experience the police have not only been useless in these situations but tend to put more resources into finding the vigilantes who threaten the dealers business.
This tarring may look like justice but in closed communities can be used as a way of hounding out innocents who are standing up to drug dealers and injustice.

Anonymous said...

Sharia Law in Ireland, very interesting...

Strange how the majority of the British population never blame the govt for allowing drugs in, eh?

Kind regards

Sharon Ebanks

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