Wednesday, August 08, 2007

13th.August 1977 - The 30th Anniversary of the Battle of Lewisham

This site will ask readers for their views on that day.
This current writer was at Lewisham that day, together with the Manchester National Front contingent.
Some readers we know of, might like to tell their story of that fateful and historical/hysterical day too. Come on, let's hear your story !

A further article will be published on here of that day in 1977.

Readers can have a look at this below blog, which is a 'lefty' site, but quite detailed and reasonably fair in it's accuracy.


tonydj said...

I was in the Manchester Drum Corps then, a mere stripling of 23! Our coach was attacked on Aytoun Steet, off M/cr Piccadilly, by a Red mob at about 8 AM. Mike Luft was in the mob but I don't recall Steve Tilzey, despite claims by him in "No Retreat". I was hit by a bottle of photographic chemical (MMMMM wonder where THAT came from, eh Luft) and the coach winder smashed.

After much delay we set off in a hired furniture van driven By big Neil M****, ex-para.

We made it to Lewisham but could not sneak on the march! The van was recognised and attacked by the reds BUT we "repelled boarders" with the brass spiked flag-poles we carried.

After fruitlessly driving round Lewisham we headed home.


Luft and a couple others were tried for the 8 AM attack but aquitted....then 2 months later HYDE! And Martin Webster's one man march.

A u L

NorthWestNationalists said...

Hey D were you carrying the bass drum that day ?

Yes, MG stating we should 'sneak on the march' has to go down as one of the daftest ideas I have ever heard in my life.St Georges day Haringey/Turnpike lane was rough enough, but lewisham was something else.

(The worst violence I ever saw was at the Moss side bye-election in 1978.Reds and IRA attacked with knives and iron bars.)

We in the Rochdale contingent just arrived as big Neil was putting the reds to flight single handed, well, who would have taken him on ?

I agree Tilzey in his book No retreat tells lies about this 'do' at Aytoun Street. The Manchester NF banner was with us in the back of that salford van hire removals van.It was not on the Lewisham march

Luft is often seen walking around the Broadway , near the Sportsman, either walking his dog, or catching a bus.

I believe that only the NF people who went by underground got on that march. many, many hundreds were prevented from getting on the march.

tonydj said...

No, I was on tenor drum, I took over the bass Drum the following year.

The first march the Drum corp took part in was Haringey, that WAS rough! I was at the big fight in 1978 Moss Side by-election, I remember JT--(RIP) giving a good account of himself. I'm sure i have old pictures of the event in the house somewhere.

I take it Luft still works at the council and lives on Thatch Leech in Chadderton.

As for Tilzey. ...check out these links for Tilzey...very odd!

NorthWestNationalists said...

I have been looking for that pic they had on Searchlight cover of JT with his fists up that day.

Yes, he stood his ground !

Joe Owens said...

After watching the 'Battle of Lewisham' on TV, i joined the NF a year later.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...